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[Sweepstakes] Secret's Out... Free Jerseys for Life by "SoccerPro"

(P.S: This message is brought to you by those wonderful guys at "SoccerPro")

Leading online soccer retailing store - "SOCCERPRO" has some AWESOME news for world cup soccer fans...

If you haven't already heard, SoccerPro just launched a "Jerseys for Life" Sweepstakes. It's part of their World Cup celebration! Don't miss the chance.

Simply click on the yellow banner on top of the page after you access to this link below:-

And next thing you'll see is the page below

we'll also give them a $10 coupon for entering . :-) - "SOCCERPRO".
Yes, you heard and seen it - this is what they promise... Click on the link and find out for details now!


  1. Hi Folks,

    Got a text from a reader that stated the "Sweepstakes" is meant for all US legal residents only.. Do take note


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