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Instant Reaction : Singapore 3-1 Burma

Don't have any luck today as the livestream was down since this afternoon... can't figure out why and therefore had to watch the game on the terrestrial channel (courtesy to Mum's "making way" again.. ).

A repeat of the 2007 "walk-out" as the Burmese staged a walk-out, after they disagreed with the referee's decision to allow Singapore to take the free-kick too quickly and resulted the third goal scored by Agu Casmir in the 74th minute.

As what Mark Richmond mentioned, "Nothing wrong with the referee's decision, as he (the referee) gave the go-ahead to allow (Noh) Alam Shah to take the free-kick, while Shi Jiayi (who was injured) was on the grounded".

Nonetheless, tempers flared and saw Burmese 'keeper Aung Aung Oo deservedly sent off for push the referee, Phung Dinh Dung of Vietnam.

Phung was subjected to those sarcastic applause from the Burmese after he blew the final whistle.

Bravery to the Vietnamese referee who stood his ground against those nonsense caused by the Burmese, who should be grateful Phung didn't awarded the match to Singapore after the fiasco.


  1. Wondering what action will Myammar gotta from AFC??? Indeed very unprofessional.. From the way, they treated the lion`s legs after the " restart".. Apparently, they were going for the leg instead of the ball. Think they gotta banned again from the tournament. Any other comments, folks?

  2. Myanmar never seems to learn from 2003 triple dismissals in Kallang. Every time if they felt decisions have gone against them, they act like thugs and bring matter into their own hands. Think their mentality still stuck in the 1970s or 80s. Sigh.

    I am not too sure Asean Confederation will do anything against Myanmar. Usually harsh harsh sweep it under the carpet and reprimand Myanmar against future conduct. The "spirit" of Asean.

    Anyway, well done to the Lions. A much better performance from the previous one. I think a draw in the last match will be enough to secure top spot and hence avoiding Thailand in Semis. But rest assure Indonesia will be going all out to beat the Lions.

    C'mon you Lions!!!!

  3. Don't be surprise that NO action will be taken.

    If we based on the walk-out staged by the Thai at Kallang..normally, the organizers should have every right to BAN them for the tournament, but given the height of the "tension" then, the organizers left the Thai with a warning (if I remember correctly).

    Still like one of you guys mentioned "Usually harsh harsh sweep it under the carpet and reprimand Myanmar against future conduct. The "spirit" of Asean."


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