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Instant Reaction : Vietnam 0-0 Singapore (edited)

Mum granted me another concession to catch the game at the living room :)

We were lucky... That's all can I say after the stalemate performance by the boys..

We were lucky... That Vietnamese were not sharp in front of goal.

We were lucky... because birthday boy Lionel Lewis saved our day at goal.

We were lucky... to have not a goal conceded.

We were lucky... that we are coming home (again to Kallang) in one piece, but to put ourselves under a lot of (unnecessary) pressure.

Some feedback I gathered the following day...

Whoever I spoke to after the Hanoi game, the following game was those "curse and swear" reaction.

"No idea what they were (the Lions) doing with the ball!" exclaimed one colleague of my.

"Whenever they got (the ball), they just whacked upfront and allowed Vietnam to come back and attack.

"Like macam training session like dat (as they were having a training session)."
he added.

Another claimed, "Singapore's lucky star was burning bright (last night)..."

"If not for Lionel Lewis (the custodian), we should have lost at least three-nil"

See you guys at Kallang this Sunday....

My attire this coming Sunday...


  1. Phew .... at least we still fight to see another day. The way Vietnam played i expect Sunday game to be very close. Anyway thumb up for the way the whole team had defended and Lionel Lewis had one of his best game in Singapore colours, pluck out almost every cross from the sky.

    Bring them on man! Show them who is the Champion.

  2. yeah... Lionel saved us... the back flanks were badly exposed with Noh Rahman was slow to keep up pace with the speedy Vietnamese winger.. Daniel was guilty for some lapse of concentration..."sixes-sevens" in the box...

    man, I'm not in for another heart-attack this Sunday.. might need an oxygen tank for this returning fixture

  3. Phew... (Sharing the same sentiment).. We are lucky to escape with a nil nil draw scoreline... Vietnam should capitalised their chances... Seems like Indra was playing out of sort!!! Our current generation local darling boy(Indra) no longer possessed the charisma of a forward. Doesn`t know whatta happened to him after his injury layoff... Likewise, think Alam Shah had more bite in attack and more hungry till makan a yellow card yesterday..


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