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Instant Reaction : Singapore 5-0 Cambodia

Agu's opener...(ripped off PC)

Ok..ok.. 5-0, I did not expected that as the talk was that the Cambodians were gonna packed their boys in the box when they played against us..

5-0 is a good result as least morale-boosting in this sense but they jolly well know the next fixtures against the Burmese and Indonesians will be the real test of character.

Well done and good luck, Boys..


  1. I think Lions will have a lot of hard work to do to retain the Asean Championship title. They look miles from Championship winning material but it just the first match and hopefully things will begin to click for the next 2 more important matches. Good luck.


  2. I am Indonesian but to be honest our country won't have a chance to win versus Singapore. Indonesia coach has spoken on post match conference that he won't rest any of his players during all the AFF cup matches. We'll be running out of steam after the 2nd match leaving Singapore to win, 2 - 0 or 3 - 1. It'd be a different story with more realistic, goal oriented coach.


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