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Balanced View....

The top of the picture is copy of yesterday's "Mypaper" and the mid portion to bottom (with the masthead - MY SAY) of it being the one I picked up just now.

At least, there's some sort of balance here as two different schools of thoughts were given adequate coverage here on this free handout.

The previous day's edition highlighted the frustration and criticism from fans, who posted on net forums, whereas on the feedback pages today, some loyal supporters jumped into the Lions' defence and blasted those comments made by those "fair-weather" fans (as one writer labelled them as) .

A friend of me has this to say, "simply put an article with net forum's quotes as its headline, is unacceptable."

"if a mainstream paper can get quotes out of the net, then we no need reporters"

Which is why they need a blogger eh, for this instance? hahahaha


  1. Wht is there to say

    There will always be a section of the fans who r glory hunters & they r nt really there to support through thick & thin

    That why they were once Balckburn & Newcastle fans in S'pore before but nearly wiped out already

    Also I always believed; no need for SPH reporters as they seldom write their own articles anyway

    Their best writers r punters & I fear SPH standard for YOG when they write odds instead of report & let the whole wrld see

  2. I always poke fun at a colleague of my, by labelled him as a "fair-weather" fan, who stay in the Tampines area that he don't even see Noh Alam Shah in S.League action despite staying few blocks away BUT always turn up in big matches like the Suzuki Cup semi-final, only because he was being tagged along :P

    It's sad indeed that whenever I read recently concluded S.League match analysis on TNP, it's more like a punters' guide than an analytical guide.

  3. Hi.Poihui.Bryan Lim here.The guy who blasted the "fair-weathered fans" on My Paper on Xmas Eve.Chanced upon your website accidentally.Think we are like-minded fans of Singapore football.Am attending the following pre-season friendlies.Maybe you could spread the word?You can get in touch with me @,mate!

    1) 11 Jan 09, 5pm, Clementi Stadium, (SAFFC VS BKFC)
    2) 17 Jan 09, Sat, 5pm, CCK Stadium, (SAFFC VS SPFC)
    3) 24 Jan 09, Sun, 7:30pm, CCK Stadium. (SAFFC VS Johor FC).


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