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"BOCAP" went for its shower (edited)

I bought this white plastic frame meant for cap washing in Perth years ago, but seldom use it despite my enormous cap collection which Ma isn't too pleased about it ("collect dust only" as she laments many times.)

Since I been wearing BOCAP quite often nowadays as a sort of self promoting this blog, it's inevitable that it's now for its first shower.....

So here you go... BOCAP had its first shower and also it proved that the plastic frame can withstand the grills and spins of that of a washing machine...

I actually paid the price for washing it, as I later realized that the "Velcro" strap is a bit worn after the wash.

Now I would have to use "spring press stub" (as above) to enhance the fastening of the strap..

I got to be honest here...

Lesson learnt: Ensure your "velcro" is fasten when doing your laundry


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