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LAST Post for 2008

This morning, got a text message from a colleague said my letter to TODAY was being published on the final day of 2008.

As published on "Voices" (TODAY's feedback page) on 31st Dec 2008

For the benefit of all readers, supporters, visitors etc., I felt I have the obligation to reveal what's the actual content of my letter (attached below) to TODAY, sent on 25th Dec 2008.

"PrtScr" of the letter sent

Sometimes, I don't blame the editors, due to space and time constraints, for shrinking my letter but I would be glad if they just spend a few more seconds going thru' the content of the letter before the editing.

As it happened before in one of my previous letters that one word being omitted by them had eventually MISINTERPRETED the whole meaning of it.

Happy New Year, anyway...


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