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Instant Reaction : Singapore 0-1 Vietnam

I just came back from Kallang....

What a sad end to the tournament...

We had our chances (with Ah Long's countless efforts) but the luck wasn't there at all...

The Vietnamese had their chance and capitalized on it and made us paid for the price.

The general consensus was "Why Noh Rahman, who had a good game as the right-back, was replaced by an attacking-minded Ismail Yunos?"

And because of the gap left by Ismail on the right, allowed Nguyen Quang Hai to score a tap-in from a Le Cong Vinh cross from the - right...

Perhaps Ismail's long throw was the reason why coach Raddy wanted to utilize that and hoped one of our tall guys could head home a goal?

As quoted what coach Raddy mention here -

“We must now prepare for the Asian Cup qualifiers as that will be a more difficult task as we will face strong teams like Iran and Jordan.

“This team has been together for some time and they can play together for the next two to three years,”

Look forward ahead and don't dwell on it, boys...

More pictures of the day...
The fans gathered outside the stadium...

Good business for this petty trader.

Fans streaming in in numbers

"May the best team win..." as I told these Vietnamese supporters before the kick-off.

Before the Kick-Off

The match in progress...

It had become a part and parcel for such confrontation.

The Vietnamese squad shown their appreciation to their fans after the game.

The jubilant Vietnamese fans after the game...

Singapore fans greet their heroes.. they made their way out of the stadium.

... and the fans back to kopitiam to catch some BPL actions...


  1. how come you have gallery ticket but you sit at grandstand?

  2. We played well and in fact very well but too bad our unbeaten run have to end somewhere.

    Ismail Yunos made a costly mistake and my only hope that he is still young and hopefully he can learnt from it. He looks a good prospect and please do not crucify him. I have not read the papers yet, hopefully not craps like rebuild.

    Time to look forward to the Asian Cup qualifier in Jan 09 against Iran 14-Jan (away) and Jordan 28-Jan (Home).

    Good Luck to Vietnam cause they need it against Thailand.


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