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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[Instant Reaction] Left to fight for pride.... [edited]

Screen-grab from the livestreaming
When asked after the loss to the Jordanians earlier in their first meeting of the qualifiers if we still stand a chance of making to the next round, assistant coach V Sundramoorthy said there's still "mathematical" chance of doing so if we could take "maximum points out of the remaining matches".

So when referee Ben Williams of Australia blew to signal the end of the match at Amman where the hosts beating the visiting Lions 2-0, it's clear that we are left to fight for our pride for the remaining matches against China and Iraq.

We were practically camped inside our own half since the start and the slip up on the left flank allow the Jordanians to score with an ease passed Lionel Lewis to see Jordan leading 1-0 at half time.

Just like their juniors in Jakarta match against the Indonesians in the SEA Games, a much adventurous display saw the Lions making forays into the Jordanians' half in the second period and being denied a legitimate goal via a Shi Jiayi's header in the six-yard.

Picture credit: FAS
Speaking at the post-match press conference, assistant coach V.Sundramoorthy (pictured above) said: “First of all, on behalf of the team I would like to congratulate Jordan for making it into the next round. As for the game itself, it was a tough game in this cold weather but the boys gave it their all only to lose to a better opponent. I wish Jordan the best of luck in the next round and with the team they have, I am sure they will do well.”

Tough Luck Lions and we once again lost to better side in Jordan...

(Quotes extracted from FAS media release after the match)


  1. Sorry guys, what is this thing local coaches congratulating the opponents for their loss. There are many like that in S-League Friday live also...

  2. Abang Wahid,

    Thought it was a nice gesture of the "Dazzler" to congrats the Jordanians after their deserved win against us..

  3. Absolutely nothing wrong for coaches to congratulate opponents. It shows respect and humility, something that I notice Sundram has in abundance since he took up coaching.


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