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[Feature] FIVE of THEM to grab "THE CHANCE"...

(The entry is formulated from the transcript obtained via Integrated Marketing Solutions Group - IMSG, the PR agency of Nike Singapore)
(P.S: The copyrights of the images depicted in this blog entry belong to Nike, unless stated on the images itself.)

Since the launch of “The Chance” (Singapore) - the global footballing talent search by Nike back in March by Lions XII coach V Sundramoorthy at Meridian Junior College, more than a few hundred hopefuls had staked their claim to be among the top five players to represent the Republic in the regional final to be held in Jakarta later this month.

Former Man Utd defender Denis Irwin (holding cup) was one of guest scouts involved
Involvement from a Legend
Throughout the tedious selection process that saw the involvement from former Manchester United defender Denis Irwin in one of the open trials held in late April, the search had finally narrowed down to a mere figure of 20 players after a “boot camp” session held in Dempsey Field.

The coaches in discussion at the "Boot Camp"
During the “boot camp” session under the supervision of coach Sundram, former Lions skippers Aide Iskandar (pictured above - second from right), Nazri Nasir (extreme right) with ex Lions S Subramani (second from left) and Hasrin Jailani (extreme left), the group went through the (ETL) Nike “Elite Training Live” drills before they were given a chance to showcase their repertoire of skills later the day when they played 7 and 11-a-side matches against one another.

The Country Finals (2-3/6)

The players went through the ETL test in 2/6 morning
Under the blazing heat of a Saturday, the "Country Finals" of this unique global talent took place at the Jalan Besar Stadium, where the two-day session was divided into two halves for the first day.

The small-sided games in progress in 2/6 afternoon
In the morning saw this group of players (with four more players, through the "Elite" selection, joined up with the original selection) underwent both SPARQ and ETL tests to assess their various skills and physicality levels, before the boys were split into four teams for small-sided games for further assessments by the coaches led by coach Sundram in the afternoon.

Coach Aide (standing) brief the team before the match against Home United Prime League squad
At the end of the first day saw 18 out of the 23 players qualified for the second day of the "Country Finals", during which they had a 11-a-side match against Home United Prime League team.

Nonetheless, the final 18's result against the young Protectors was secondary with the individual performance was what it mattered most that eventually saw the emergence of these following players as the Final FIVE.
  • Nazirul Islam Bin Abdul Razak
  • Sim Li Ming
  • Faris Bin Ramli
  • Randy Pay Zhan Hao
  • Afiq Bin Mat Noor
In preparation for the regional final, the five representatives from Singapore will experience personal mentoring from head coach Sundram and Nike athlete Hariss Harun and undergo an intense and high-level fitness training programme before heading to Jakarta.

The Route to the Final Process
We are THE ONES!! (L-R: Randy Pay, Afiq Mat Noor, Faris Ramli, Nazirul Islam, Sim Li Ming)
Singapore’s representatives will battle it out with players from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand as each country will send their best 5 players to compete in the regional finals.

20 of the region’s best young players will come together for three days to practice under Southeast Asia’s top youth coaches, and will undergo fitness training sessions by Paul Winsper of Nike SPARQ, a training and conditioning system, that helps build better athletes.

The best four players will eventually be chosen by an international panel of selectors, to attend the global finals in Barcelona, Spain.



  1. Well, from what i know, The Chance is for amateur players to get an opportunity to make it big. But from what i've seen, during the TOP 20, most of the players have played in S-league clubs in Prime League or even currently representing a S-League club. So this beg to question, how is it fair for amateur player to get scouted, if at the end of the day. They are going to select the Club players. Eg, Al-Qaasimy and Faris Ramli representing YG Lions. and the latter got selected for the TOP 5

  2. Congratulation to them and I think that it is great that Nike is doing something like that to nurture the talent and help the country to grow.


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