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Scrappy Draw but at least Saving Grace

Agu (left) was isolated upfront
The decision to field the entire national team with the Lions XII may not go down too well with some quarters of the fans who many felt players in the S.League are being overlooked by coach Raddy in this friendly fixture against Malaysia.

It was thought to be game over when Malaysians scored their second
With a depleted strikeforce that saw Agu Casmir upfront as the solo man, the Lions were literally struggled to break down the resilient Harimau's defence for large part of the first half, except for a few sporadic chances that were well defused at the nick of time and only to concede the lead to the visitors when Azamuddin Akil scored before the interval.

Shahdan Sulaiman's 86th minute goal changed the game.
Just as the game was thought to go Malaysia way after Safiq Rahim netted home the second goal in the second period of play, Shahdan Sulaiman reduced the deficit in the dying minutes under controversial circumstances before substitute Qiu Li's strike in injury time ensured Singapore's undefeated record against it's biggest rivals remain intact.

Qiu Li's (25) late strike ensured record untainted
(P.S: Can't remember when was the last time my hair stand in a football match when Qiu Li levelled the game)


  1. Whats the reason for awarding the indirect freekick inside the box?? Anybody know??

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. It was a close call for Singapore. But I think that it is great that Malaysia is improving because nobody wants to watch games that they are one sided.


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