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Training starts from small-side game and court [edited]

This year's venue is at Clarke Quay 
The brilliance of the Brazilian futsal team ADC Florianopolis at the Tiger Street Football 2012 should once again throw us the question how football should be played.

Never mind the fact that the Brazilian side was up against a makeshift squad in a friendly match amid the intensity of the ongoing regional tournament that will see the winning side represent the Republic in the Grand Finals in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam in late September.

ADC Florianopolis' players are in white top
It's more about how the players from the Samba land had once again shown us how the game should be played - simple, easy manner without placing much emphasis on physicality, something what local football seems to prioritize more.
The Tiger Cage Girls wowed the crowds with their routine
Just like last year's event at Ngee Ann City, the caged court is once again the focus of attention that saw the total of qualified 32 local sides slogging out over the next two days at Clarke Quay for that ticket to Vietnam in late September.

And not surprisingly that when much of the intensified actions were taken place in the caged court, it was a common sight to see the ball hit against the fenced perimeter of the court (must be this safety precaution that venue provider agreed to let this event staged here).

Playing in compact space - good training ground for basics 
Perhaps, we should place more emphasis on our football development by asking kids to play more futsal at the start, as I felt that playing more on small-side field should encourage more "strategic-thinking" way of playing the game (i.e.: the controlling, ground passing, movement on-and-off of ball).

Dutch legend Edgar Davids (left) is the event ambassador (credit: APBS) 
After all, many great players of the game perfected their skills on futsal courts before graduated onto a bigger stage, why not?

"Touch N Go" emerges as the Singapore Champions
"Touch N Go" with Davids (in cap) and the Tiger Cage Girls (credit:APBS)
"Touch N Go" has emerged as national champions of the second edition of Tiger Street Football Singapore which was held today at Clarke Quay. Witnessed by a packed audience, the tournament culminated with a thrilling final which saw Touch N Go defeating La Plata Juniors with a 2-0 scoreline.

As finalists of today’s competition, both Touch N Go and La Plata Juniors will get the opportunity to compete against four invited international teams to win additional cash prizes in tomorrow’s (2/6) Tiger Street Football Regional Competition to be held at the same venue.

The four international teams hail from Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia and Thailand.

For more information on the tournament, please log on to and



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