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Record Tarnished at Shah Alam...

Malaysia coach Datuk K Rajagobal (back facing) thanks the fans after the game.
The record has finally tarnished after the Malaysians beat Singapore 2-0 at Shah Alam with goals from Shakir Ali and Safiq Rahim (who scored another free-kick against the Lions, yet again).

The writings were already on the walls in the recent times that undefeated streak since 2004 was hanging by a thread.

As what Harimau coach Datuk K Rajagobal maintained since the 2-2 draw at JBS that the Malaysians deserved to win that game and finally proven it was the case when the second leg of the Causeway Challenge saw the Malaysian side triumphed over their auld enemy.

Despite the recall of the talismatic evergreen Aleksandar Duric back to the fold, the Lions were outclassed by their hosts in front of their adoring fans.

Not surprise if the same old excuses are given for this assessment which I should stop short in blogging what is next, since it's pointless ...



  1. It is hard to use the excuse of blooding young players to explain the loss. The young players must show promises that they can play at this level. Only Irwan Shah seems good enough to play at international stage. Raihan - may be. Overall, if the team cannot hold the ball, not fast enough, slow team play - it is never possible to win at international stage.

  2. The national team is only as good as the level of domestic league. What can we expect of the national team when the S League is literally struggling for survival? As for the FAS, I never believe that a $10m annual budget is enough for the sport to thrive here. Even our neighbour FAM spends at least more than twice than us. Not to mention some other bigger nations are spending 10 - 15 times our budget. Under such miserly conditions, something just have to compromise, no matter how FAS can be prudent and efficient in money management. I'm afraid we are witness the shortfall of such a miserly approach. Remember all the bullshit that earning $1,000 a month can afford a 3 room flat and a heart by-pass surgery cost $8? Always read the find print!


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