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[Event] MOF to help to RID the "itch" off during EURO 2012

(The entry is formulated based on the materials and information from Ministry of Football - MOF, images depicted in this entry belong to MOF

From the people who are the prime movers of Freestyle Football in Singapore, the Ministry of Football (MOF) will initiate two tournaments in coming weeks, as the footballing world is getting ready for the Euro 2012 craze.

"We, at MOF, felt obliged to organize tournaments for the community in a way for us to give back to the football community." said Mr Darryl Wang, MOF's Executive Manager, Training & Development, on the organizing of these two tournaments

"With Euro2012 just days away, we hope these two tournaments can help to ease the ‘itch’ in these football lovers’ feet during this period." he added.

These two tournaments are namely:
  • "MOF U18 June Madness Tournament"
U18 June Madness is meant for Under 18 players
Played on a hard futsal court, this competition is one of it’s kind as it offers a different playing surface apart from artificial turfs which has been widely misunderstood to be the official playing surface for futsal.

What better (and healthier) way for the students to end their June holidays and eliminate the blues of attending school again with attendance at a tournament which promises wonderful free-flowing footballing experience?

Download the form HERE and email it to
  • "MOF Seven 2 Smoke Tournament"
"Seven 2 Smoke Tournament" is an Open category event
The format to be used in the above-mentioned tournament has been widely used for bboy (breakdance) competitions.

Teams will be challenging against each other in hope that they can stack up the most number of wins over the course of play, or win 7 straight matches to qualify to the knock out stages.

Download the form HERE and email it to

As an added incentive, attractive cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of these two tournaments.

For more information, please click here to find out for more details or refer to the contact details on the two tournament posters.


  1. I am concern about who will win, if u has the result, pls let me know, Cheap Jerseys thank u.

  2. I don't know why freestyle isn't televised. At least they could do it in an stream services. I haven't watched even one.


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