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Don't get "ga-ga" and ended up "blink-blink"

I am not very sure how many of you out there would go "ga-ga" whenever it was quoted in the papers that a particular "who and who" is "keen to play" on our shores and "hope to lift the profile of the league (not just the club he speculate to join)" because of his participation.

I wouldn't be such of those "ga-ga" or "blink-blink" keen to see those "who and who" come over to play in the S.League.

Put aside factors that these "who and who" are not longer who they were in their prime, it's more because we are not yet ready to welcome them onboard (we all should know if we can, need not to ask more).

While some may argue the presence of these "who and who" may be just the "push" we need to lift ourselves up from the doldrums, but it could be risky move that would see the heavy investment gone down to drains if things goes wrong (especially the fact that these "who and who" never come at price of peanuts).

Of late, TNP has been churning out these "feel good" stories
Anyway, I am just wondering what concluded the impression that S.League is one of Robbie Fowler's option in Asia from this extract below that led to the headlines in the screen grab.

"While the 37-year-old cheekily dismissed the notion of playing for Courts Young Lions, an Under-23 outfit anyway, a source close to Fowler told The New Paper that he is keen to stay in Asia after his stint with Muangthong United in Thailand."

While initially the last year's signing of the "God" by the Thai club side seemed to be a major breakthrough for the Kingdom's football scene, but development down the road suggested otherwise.

So at the end of the day, don't get too "ga-ga" easily and get "blink-blink" before it's too late, it's important to get someone who can really value-add the league and not deplore it further.


  1. Contrary, try get ex-Liverpool or MU players to come play eg. Rush, Dalglish, Neville sisters. Don't be surprised by fickle glory hunters them local fans...

  2. I think that it is great that there are so many talent that they come to play to Singapore. Local players can learn a lot of them and make things a little be more interesting.


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