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Thank You, Coach Vorawan

Tweet courtesy of "@LigaSingapura"

Undoubtedly, the most successful coach in Tampines Rovers Football Club since the inception of the S.League in 1996 - Vorawan Chitavanich had stepped down as the club's Technical Director and decided to head home to Thailand.

The timing of his departure could not have come to a rather bumpy timing when the Stags are facing sticky patches of late after ACL injuries to star players such as 'keeper Hassan Sunny and defender Park Yo Seb that effectively rule them out of the rest of the campaign.

Former Thai international Vorawan Chitavich joined Tampines from Sembawang Rangers in 2004

Despite making progress to the next round of the RHB Singapore Cup and returning of Fahrudin MustafiΔ‡ to the club lately, the exit of the man who guided the perennial underachievers to two S.League titles (2004, 2005), two Singapore Cup (2004, 2006) and the Asean Club Championship honours in 2005 will be sorely missed.

While the imminent plan of coach Vorawan is unclear, although there has been speculation of late that he may be taking over Muangthong United in TPL after current "Twin Qillins" coach Henrique Castillo could have been approached to take over the vacant post of Thai national coach - just mere speculation there.

But thank you, Coach Vorawan for all these years.


  1. I have been anticipating this to happen ever since the formation of TPL. Guess Worawan has been resisting the move back home due to the faith & trust Teo HS has been placing with him. Seems that the lure of Thai Baht and glamour proves too much for him to reject this time round. A very sad day for the S League as Worawan is the last professionally qualified coach to leave our shore. The rest left behind are all........or well....


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