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Nothing much has done...

Coincidently, my fellow blogger Andy Brouwer blogged on the dismay pitch surface that staged a Cambodian league clash featuring Phnom Penh Crown, one of the guest teams invited for the Singapore Cup.
To expect professional players to play on this surface and to perform at a sufficiently high level is simply not on. It's impossible to play a passing game along the ground unless you spend all your time on the flanks.

The federation should not allow any more C-League matches on this pitch unless it is fully grassed. It's a basic requirement that if you are playing your country's main league competition, then it should be on a suitable playing surface. said Andy in his latest blog post.
Take note of the portion of the field at the top of the box and flank area at Bishan! 
I'm not sure what was Andy's overall impression of Singapore football after his short stay in Singapore, but he was to be at Bishan Stadium last night for the Home United-Tampines "table-top" clash, he would be at the shock of the state of the playing surface too.

Granted for the fact that this stadium was one of the designated venues of last year's Youth Olympic Games, and for that accolade the facilities should be two notch or one level up among other SSC owned venue.

See the heap of sand tossed in this tussle?
Horror fact is it is not at all and while the playing surface is not as bad as what Andy blogged about in Phnom Penh, but the state of condition is just unacceptable consider that when I first saw that carpet-feel grass surface is being reduced to surface more like a dirt-trekking ground!

Anyway this wasn't first time I blogged about the dismay pitch condition in local football, and last May I blogged another horrify scene at Choa Chu Kang as well.

Looks like nothing much has change since last year and really serious doubt can't help but cast on those we entrust in running the facilities, I mean it can be something kind of depressing to see such an important element not well-taken care of amid the state of the game in this country.



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