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[Feature] The Braveheart Siva (PART THREE)


"I realized that he (Withaya) understands me the most and he could guide me to be a good player.

"I’m not just saying this but because he did turn me to a player everyone looked up to when I was 16 during which everyone had given up hope on me but "coach" was the only one who saw something in me.

"Withaya Laohakul is not only the best coach I have known and trained with but he is also GOD. He also taught me how to be a better person in life. He is a perfect example for anyone." showing his appreciation to the man who had nurtured him since 15 year-old.

Being a fluent Thai speaker, Siva is having no difficulties in adapting into the new environment, since he already knows some of the Sharks players like former SAFFC star Therdsak Chaiman and Thailand national team goalkeeper Sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool for a while

Siva is currently on loan to Amnat FC by Chonburi FC
At the present moment, the player, who doubled up as a defensive midfielder, is on-loan to a second division club called Amnat FC (pictured above in the welcome ceremony) by Chonburi to gain the much-needed match exposure, which he doesn't mind at all.

"I believe that playing more games will improve you as a player. Minutes on the field is very important.

"It motivates me to do even better than last game. If you don’t play, you don’t know where you stand and you don’t know what to aim for. Improve with every game." he opined.

Siva with his team mates in this Amnat FC team shot
The importance of having a strong family support to pursue his dream is another crucial factor for Siva in his overseas venture.

"They are all very happy that I’m going overseas to play. They even said they will support whatever decision I make.

"My dad have always been supportive of me playing football especially if it’s with coach Withaya. He knew him as my great coach since I was young.

"But my mom is a little protective of me going overseas to play football. She afraid I might get hurt or something might happen to me." he said.

As for now the priority for Siva himself is clear - to repay the faith shown on him by his dear coach "Heng" (Withaya's nickname) as "the best defender or best defensive midfielder playing for him”.

Siva in action for Amnat FC
Nonetheless, despite the less-than-desired stint he had with Sengkang in the past, the ambitious defender has not ruled out the possibility of returning to the S.League, although, he feels that timing now is not right until he improves his game.

"My home is in Singapore. I've got to come back some day but I don’t want to come back and sit on the bench again. I never liked watching my team play. I prefer to be in the field fighting." he declared.

Coming towards the end of the interview, Siva shares his thoughts of eking out a livelihood as a footballer overseas.

"It’s going to be hard for anyone to leave their country and go to a place where food, language, culture or maybe even weather is so different from Singapore. But what’s the point of sitting comfortably?" he asked.

Those are the kind of "calculative risks" anyone goes to take when venture overseas, as he went on to firm his point of view on this issue.

Siva sharing pointers with his team mate
He concluded:"You will learn better when you are not taking things for granted. There will be many obstacles but getting over it one by one will be like an achievement.

"It will keep you going as long as you don’t give up."

A sound piece of advice from a man who go against the adversity to pursue his dream and with that let us all wish him well in his endeavours.

Go Siva!

(pictures provided Sivaneswaran Ramalingam)


  1. "Hitman" - (, 29 June 2011 at 21:38:00 GMT+8

    "very interesting and amazing story. really surprised to know there's someone FROM SINGAPORE who loves football so much to go overseas to pursue it, doing it the hard way. he could have easily stayed on in the sleague. im really impressed by his passion and willingness to raise the standard of his game."

  2. Hope Siva will do progress steadily in his footballing education in Thailand and eventually makes his prodigal return, especially if back to Hougang :)


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