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[Instant Reaction] We are OUT.... Vietnam 1-0 Singapore

The public anger is widely expected after the final whistle was blown (as pictured above - a screen grab after the match from "" ).

Who could blame the fans for feeling that way, after all, in what it seen as the last hope to preserve that sense of "national prestige" after the loss of the three domestic titles to the foreign clubs, the Lions were knocked out of the biennial regional tournament by Vietnam and saw them qualified together with the unfancied Filipinos.

From what I gathered according to SMSes I received from friends back home, the decisive strike was due to a quick counter off our corner and caught Hassan Sunny on "no man land" before the end of the first half.

I felt I should not comment on the performance when I was not able to catch the game, due to pre-arranged circumstances.

Nonetheless, the exit from the Suzuki Cup should probably seen as the BIGGEST setback for local football this year.

And taking this opportunity, I would like to say THANK YOU to Ruiliang, Yusof Ibrahim and Paul Green for their SMS updates on the match.



  1. Immediate reactions: Disappointed. Can't we do anything else other lob hopeful balls to the front? I know we have taller players, but how much advantage is it? Neutral fans would easily say that Vietnam play better football and even the Philippines' disciplined defending is more admirable. Noh Alam Shah - how many misplaced passes?

    We know it's difficult to play Vietnam at their home, but it's hard not to feel that Singapore should have done better. All that foreign talent, a 15-year old professional league, several players playing overseas, continuity with coaching...

  2. For this tournament, I would support Indonesia. I think they are playing the most attractive, positive football. Their fans are fantastic, and they've been waiting a long time for success.

    However, I think Vietnam will retain their title. :)

    As for Singapore, I think it's time for Raddy to put together a new team. Time to say thank you and goodbye to some old workhorses, find new gems and give them a few years to play together.

    That is, if Raddy wants to stay on, and if FAS want him to stay on. I think he still should, IF he can show a bold, new plan that everybody can get behind. I just feel that the Singapore teams of the last few years has been pasted together - and don't gel. That's got to change.

  3. Disappointment.Not only in the loss to Vietnam.But in all three matches. The lions of '04, 07' simply din't turn up in this tournament.
    Then again, if we were to advance to the semi, where wld we play our home matches?LOL.Jalan besar?!

  4. I guess it is a wake up call for Singapore football for year 2010.

    Raddy should stop putting blame on the players for non performance after all he is the one who selects and buying insurance to protect himself of another 2 more years of contract by sticking to his old players.

    There were rumors going around that his management staffs should be revamp too starting from the physio. Players doesn't like her and she does no help when comes to treatment other than to inform the coach which player cannot play by her own certification....hmmm, it's been years player's have doubt her capability & credentials.

    As a coach, take the rap and blame for the have not brought any further success to our local football either, it is time for you to move on.


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