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[Instant Reaction] Agu saves the day!!!!

Blogger Arief of "Lions All The Way"'s (pictured right holding the flag) screen grab on livestream as he and his friend celebrate the Lions' victory.

Really don't know what to say as much as I hate say this Precious ineffectiveness was exposed right in the first minute.

The failure to close down the cross from the flank came back to haunt the Lions again with the cheeky ball eluded the center defense and paid the price, of course

Nothing really threatening up from Noh Alam Shah and Aleksandar Duric, as both of them failed to gather much support from those suppose to.

So much so coach Raddy threw in Agu Casmir and Khairul Amri in the second half, by taking the Arema Malang duo of Alam Shah and Ridhuan Muhamad.

The changes that made proved to be a master stroke from the Serbian tactician which many fans back home asking why both Agu and Amri were not started in the first place together with Shahdan Sulaiman?

Agu repaid his faith by setting up the equalizer for Duric in 61st minute before stabbing home the killer blow in the 93rd minute to seal the win.


  1. Suzuki Cup semi-final 2: Lions vs Indonesia Thursday 16th Dec.
    So where do we play this match? Is it on land at Jalan Besar Stadium or at sea Marina Bay Platform?

  2. Hi Wahid,

    The semi-final, to me, is not confirm until the last group match vs the Vietnamese...

    What a close shave today by the boys... Phew


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