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Lions thrash Laos in their Suzuki Cup prep

Singapore beat Laos 4-0 in their preparation for the Suzuki Cup in the Jurong West Stadium before heading up to Vietnam this Sunday.

Ace striker Noh Alam Shah scored before the end of the first half, Agu Casmir (pictured above) netted a double with Gombak United's Fazrul Nawaz scored on his home ground to seal the win.

The only blip is the injury to Ridhuan Muhamad that forced the winger to be replaced midway of the game.

(thanks to Mr Gary Koh for this update)


  1. Singapore has not shown much results recently. I think it's time that the coach starts to change players if Singapore ever wants to reach world cup. The reason is that most Singapore players do not show much effort unlike players from Laos which are more determined to work hard as a team, though they won 4-0. This is so much different from last time when singapore are more willing to attack as evident from 11-0 trashing of Laos the last time. Guys, please close down players more confidently!

  2. Hi "Anonymous",

    Never expect much from warm-up matches, I think the important thing is the gelling up and to avoid any unnecessary injury before against the Filipinos on the 2/12.

  3. Seriously speaking, I think that the coach should only retain players like hariss, alam shah and Daniel..of course the goalkeepers are good..these are the players that have shown their much higher work rate than the rest.. Also, our world ranking has dropped significantly that we have to play a much weaker team to boost confidence..which is sad. Singapore lions, it's time that we beat teams like vietnam and the Thais if we want to even reach world cup!

  4. This is just a friendly match dude. Further more Laos have improve significantly as compare to the 11-0 thrashing side a few years ago. I agree what pohui has said earlier on.


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