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[Feature] Any day, Any time - FICO will be there...

(Pictured above) The first sight of FICO premises, where I first met Arief of "Lions All The Way" at this car park.

Located at one obscure corner of Jurong West, one would not necessarily take a second look at this building if one would drive or walk past this site.

However, as a saying goes - never judge a book by its cover, it would be unfair to pass any judgement without step into "FICO Sports Hub" to see what it has to offer.

The heat resistant shelters shield the players from the scorching heat.

The eight indoor futsal courts enjoy high-booking rate.

On a land area of six-hectares, the sports hub is the home of eight indoor futsal courts, which are covered with heat resistant shelters, plus a beach volleyball court is just right beside them.

"We don't see ourselves as mere provider of futsal courts for football lovers out there, part of our scope is to provide event management services to our corporate clients, if necessary." said Mr Steven Wong, the marketing manager of FICO.

From setting up of the stage, the sound system, the backdrop, the trophies, etc. are part of the event management package offered to the clients who host their events at FICO like this NCC futsal tournament.

As Wong explained due to the scale of some corporate events held at the hub, event management service provided by his company is deemed essential to ensure the smooth operating of those events.

"We help out in areas like fixture planning, arrangement of match officials and other logistical necessities as part of the event management package we offered to these clients when running these in-house tournaments,"added Wong who revealed a large part of their client base are from the corporate sector.

Having a kickabout on FICO futsal court is part of the staff welfare scheme being provided by some companies for their staff.

However, this does not make FICO an "exclusive" club since this was one of the "hotspots" where raw footballing talents were gathered for the recent concluded "The Chance" talent global search by Nike.

No worries for stray balls flying around as each court is enclosed with surrounding nets to prevent any disruption of play.

It does help in a sense when several competitive rates are made affordable for budding players and weekend warriors to book a court to quench their footballing thirst away from the scorching heat of the tropical sun or in the middle of the night.

So are these people watching from outside of any of the courts.

A view that is shared by one of their regular users, Mr Ayyub Kay, who first got to know the existence of FICO through his friends.

"The atmosphere at FICO is great, (as they are located in) opened areas compared to other operators' enclosed surroundings.

"In terms of facilities, they got a nice big shower area and also "Pizzahut" and another food stall."

"To me the only pull factor is FICO's locality in the West area where I reside and they operate on a '24/7' concept." complimented the 29-year-old Business Development Executive who meet up with his friends once or twice every two weeks for a game.

The main entrance to FICO Sports Hub.

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