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Afterthoughts on Indra Sahdan's retirement from international football.

Indra in action for Singapore selection against Selangor Selection in 2009 SOS Cup
I'm not sure how many of you out there react to the retirement of Lions' erstwhile skipper Indra Sahdan Daud from international football.

Some of the feedback I gathered from the grapevine were disbelief and surprise (not shocking though), while contrastingly, for those who are long enough in the local scene would not be too much a surprise of the SAFFC's striker decision to quit the national team.

Ideally speaking at his age, it's pretty normal for players to prioritize his objectives in life and normally most players would opt for club football instead fighting for the nation.

In the past, I would have deemed this as “unpatriotic” act for turning down the nation in times of it, but having a thought this afternoon and this is the conclusion.

If like what Indra had mentioned “playing football for the national team was a privilege that he no longer sees himself fit to enjoy”, and “I think I have done all I could for Singapore. I will just focus on club football from now on” as quoted in this article on – I think we shall not fault him.

The thing is he had done his part and felt he can't contribute further beyond that, I think we all should respect his decision and let him leave the team while he's still at the top.

Although, it came at time when the team are at its lowest ebb for those negativities surround them lately.

Anyway, things like these are bound to happen, it's just that are all really to accept and move on?

Thank You, Indra...


  1. It's sad to see big players leave the scene. Wish him all the best and thank him for the dedication and time he gave to the national team and may he contribute well to the younger generation with his talent and experience.

  2. Hi Yus,

    Be assure that he will.

    Last year when rumours were flying here and there about the Lions being targetted by those ISL clubs, Indra was probably the first player to reject any move down there.

    As he would want to concentrate on his studies, which he hopes to be a physical trainer upon completion of his course

  3. Indra at his prime was truly one of the best if not the best finisher of a goal in Southeast Asia.

    Despite not setting his tenure at Sengkang Punggol alight, I thought he was still very professional whenever he plays.

    I am sure there is at least 3 more years in local football in Indra left, so we will at least still see him often on the pitch, just not in national colors.


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