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Thank you for making this possible...

I was finger-scrolling on my facebook application on my iPhone, when I saw this feed (pictured below, which I 'prt-scr' hours later though) on the "News Feed" page.

Hardly couldn't believe, I posted the link and ask those friends on my facebook, if I "did it"? With a resounding confirmation from them had assured me I done it!!

Following that, I logged onto the organizers - "" website to gather some more information (as pictured above).

I would like to thanks the "" for the recognition and congratulate both : -
Taking this opportunity I would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have supporting this blog all the way with your thoughts, feedback, comments and discussions we engaged with each other for the betterment of local football.

Also thanks to :-
  • My family (for their understanding, especially to my mum who has been wondering why I have been staying up so late behind my desktop almost every night)
  • My buddies - Ruiliang and Tianwen (for their support and belief in me)
  • Visakan and Yusof (for letting me know this contest and their encouragement to me to take part this contest)
  • The FAS and "" crew (Guys, thanks for allowing this blog to grow)
  • The SPRG Pte Ltd (The invitation to cover the North Queensland Fury tour in last May will always be remembered as a important "milestone" for this blog)
  • Delina Kang (whose only vote among the crowds reads KO PO HUI during the judging period)
  • and many of you out there, who shared with me their views, opinions on the ups and downs of past and present of local football
and to my late father (who I know he's watching over us all this while)...


  1. congrats and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Guys...

    Thanks for the compliment, the recognition shall spur me on to work even harder to improve this blog :)


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