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[Instant Reaction] Yet so close again..... Jordan 2-1 Singapore in Amman

(Off from TV) Jordanians in jubilation after beating us to head to the proper

Unfortunate to have conceded an early goal to the Jordanians, but except for some usual scary moments, the boys hold themselves well against their hosts in front of a hostile crowds.

The already depleted Lions suffered another early blow when skipper Noh Rahman was replaced by Rosman Sulaiman due to an injury.

We started well in the second half while replacement skipper Noh Alam Shah levelled the scores almost immediately after the game resumed, but the joy was short-lived when the hosts took back the lead and evetually the winner in the 58th minute via a header off a corner.

Fair to say we were on the disadvantage prior to the lead up to this showdown, with several key players ruled out due to various reasons?

Not forget to mention to the alleged less-than-ideal hospitality by the hosts that might have hinder the preparation of the boys.

I'm not finding any excuse but just trying to sort out my thoughts if things would be better even if things were adequately prepared?


  1. Nope, I think at times we played like we were out of wind, and at others like we were out to win. It was really close, and we had our fair share of luck, given the conditions that the Jordanians had stacked against us.

    We have to move on from this, learn from our mistakes and go further in ASEAN football. That's a good starting point for future progress. Forget Goal 2010, or Sochi 2014.

    Maybe we need to rebuild from the ground up? The problem is not simple. It runs deep in the entire system, from the fans (to be fair, disappointment, skepticism and cynicism is a valid response to so much heartbreak) not attending S.League or Lions matches, to the players not performing well on stage, to the right players not being selected, to the FA not getting enough support or not doing enough with the support they're having ... lots of things to be looked at.

    The result is 2-1 to Jordan, made even more painful by the bottom-of-the-table finish and Thailand's 1-0 loss which means we could have gone in. It's the could haves that hurt, on the other hand, it's a sign that fans still have hopes and dreams, and some people out there, however cautiously, are willing to believe...

    Look at the raucous King Fahd stadium. Our Kallang Roar was just like that, now we have lots of bits and bytes on but where are the fans when the Lions play?

    Can the people make a difference? Can we really, for once, stand up for Singapore? The fans can only do so much, but as far as I've seen, they're not doing their part enough.

  2. I replied to the following message to a thread on "SGClub Forum" and reproduced for all to see

    It's always the same sentiments after each loss and yes, it's very disappointing...

    But as what I mentioned "Fair to say we were on the disadvantage prior to the lead up to this showdown, with several key players ruled out due to various reasons?"

    Khairul Amri is injured in the King's Cup, Mustafic is suspended long before the game.

    To make thing worse John Wilkinson and Shaiful Esah were ruled out at 11th hour (I saw it with my own eyes that the Shaiful's right knee was strapped heavily, with his mum beside crying inconsolably, before usher off to hospital) after their match against Tampines.

    Skipper Indra Sahdan opt out just before the flight took off.

    With that infamous incident took place last Jan that looming over the heads of the contingent - So fair to say these were the disadvantages?

    Just so early into the first half, replacement skipper Noh Rahman was forced to be replaced by Rosman Sulaiman, due to an injury, had forced coach Raddy to make some tactical changes that came so unexpected.

    And all these added up and playing in front a hostile crowds.. how?

  3. same old story againn...sixes and sevens in defence...our players so slow compare to the jordanians and when have the ball return back to the opposition just as quick..basically no ideas what to do with the ball just ram and bang upfront seems to be the only thing they know.

    In defence the worst culprit is Precious who is big and clumsy and got no confidence with the ball.You can only see him pumpin ball upfront blindly,have u see holdin up the ball confidently??(removin him from national team is long overdue)

    On the flanks, Riduan...the indo must be blind to sign him..when he got the ball he will run blindly with ball and bang into the opponent and fallin into ground and thus losing possession again.(another contender as Precious above)

    When the team has a lucky break to equalize, must treasure the gift and play with confidence and keep it tight and go for the winner on the counter. Where were the markins when the jordanian score again with a free header. U look at the replay again and u will know its given cheap goal;(

    And where is the fightin spirit when we were 2-1 down ?? Was really shocked since that goal we couldnt carve out any goal opportunties at the jordanian goalmouth to worth mentioning about.

    Last Fri watched the League match between Woodlands and Tampines on TV ,my honest opinion if singapore can play like woodlands with grit,teamwork and deligency,holdin Jordan to draw is not an enomous task.

    As for last nite, Alam Shah should be proud of himself by playin his heart out but got no stupid support from players. Haris Harun is another worthy one that can play.

    Verdict.. sack the entire national except Haris.. And Raddy its time to sack urself..

  4. Hi,

    First up will say that I am not a football fan, but more a sports fan. My views are that as a coach and player of another sport here both here and overseas. I was listening to the radio this morning and a popular DJ said that the main reason is mental preparation and confidence, and I agree.

    Much was made of the 'inhospitable' nature of the hosts and how ill prepared the Singapore team was. Honestly, I have been involved with national sides on tour and we have have to train at parks, competing with the man and his dog for space. The difference is that the media made a deal of it, and the national team management went along as part of the percieved 'mind games' to blow it up. Seriously, before a ball is kicked, we are already looking for a crutch as a safety. Raddy was stupid to fall into this trap, and seriously, comenting about a stupid thing like the match ball? Team manager Eugene said it right by focusing on the game and not on the prep. Here is the things - 2 different tones from the same camp. Unless there was a media blackout on the players, if I was a national player and read the reports online, I too will be caught up in all this aimless chatter about goalposts and balls and my focus will be thrown off. No matter how much we say the players should be proffessional and focus on the game, in reality it is very difficult if management is each singing a different tune in the press. If the whole thing was completely ignored, the players would not have it at the back of the minds 'i am not playing well cause our preparation was not good enough'.

    Even if the coach's pre game talk centred about how the team needs to 'ignore the talk about the preparation', the topic is already in their minds, and their focus is already thrown off.

    Imagine if Raddy and team management had issued the following from the time the lions set foot in Jordan : " The training facilities are adequate, and while there were some logisitical hiscups, we are looking to focus on the game" This tune would be sung from day one. Decline comment on training pitches and all, and the press hype would die down, and the focus is back to preparations.

    That's my honest opinon, that part (not the whole) of the reason for defeat was that the team management did not know how to handle the press and team morale. I hate to say it, but Raddy is too nice a guy to the press, and sometimes, you really need to pick and chose what is best for the team.

  5. My thoughts... I've been an avid SG follower but everytime I see Jiayi play it worries me. Can someone seriously tell me that he is good? Look at how he played last nite. He can't pass, he can't defend and he never track back unlike Duric, who is old but still chasing every ball. I give Jiayi a thumb down but Qiu Li played well. Jiayi has never played well in the SG jersey. Ridhuan is ridiculous. The choice of goalkeeper last nite baffled me too.

  6. Yesterday's lost is due to 1 man - Precious. He is too slow, big size but with a small heart. He is tall but can't jump to win aerial balls. In another words, he is a waste of time. Unfortunately Raddy loves him. That's what we call favouritism. Yup this exists in the national team. Sad but true.

  7. This team is a big joke with a coach who wants to ride on his peanut Asean sucess and extends his contract to load up his bank account when no others from other countries wants him.Smart move of him to plan for his retirement and only blur yes-man FAS can't see that lol. His brain is mould like his paymaster FAS with the same slogan..we are the top 10 league in Asia u know from east to west from north to south and the world die die must know that..

    Hello! with that kind of play from our kittens(please don't call lion when u r not!) we critics can coach the NT also lol.

  8. I say ismail yunos & precious is the weakest centre-back spore had.
    We need a disciplined & inspiring defence leader like aide iskandar. Baihakki nid to step up & be more "garang".
    Durin the asean cup, whenever there's defence error, aide neva failed to raise his voice to his defence line. But now, nobody in the defence line gives a damn, they gaze at one another & juz play on.


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