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Thank you, Yazid... for allowing us to go back early...

Geylang upset Bangkok Glass to ensure the Cup remains in Singapore.

So what if Bangkok Glass were the dominating side in terms of attacking and having most of the possession throughout the game? So what if Geylang were the side being under siege and not getting enough balls behind the Thais' defence?
  Probably, in Glass Rabbits' coach J Surachai's (pictured above) words this should sum up perfectly.
The game is about having ONE percent of the chance and Geylang took that chance and scored.
Other than that, his former teammate at Home United, the Eagles' custodian Yazid Yasin had been another key factor to deny the Thais from bringing the Cup out to Bangkok via Changi Airport.

Yazid Yasin (above) had a great game between the posts for the Eagles.

The Glass Rabbit (in blue, instead of their usual green-white stripe) dominated much of the play.

Geylang did a good job to shackle Glass' dangerman Gbenga Ajayi (9) in the final.

As mentioned, Yazid's heroics was crucial to ensure Geylang's success moments ago.
Looked like the goal BUT it was this shot that hit the upright and resulted in Hafiz Rahim's goal in the 82nd minute (above).
But this was the key moment that ensured everybody could go home early - Yazid saved the penalty kick.

Truly deserved it - the Man of The Match, Yazid Yasin.

Bangkok Glass' coach J Surachai is being interviewed by the Thai media.

Geylang's coach Mike Wong's (center, with goal-scorer Hafiz Rahim on his left and Yazid on his right) main priority now is to retain as many of its current players as possible and recruit new ones as well. With the Cup victory, Geylang United make it back to the continental scene via AFC Cup, which they last took part in 2004.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful article and pictures.

    Mui Tee

  2. Hi Mui Tee..

    My pleasure.. just helpin' the players to keep their playing memories.. :)

  3. thank u for the coveragePohui. As a bedok resident n on behalf of all bedok residents I feel very very happy Geylang won the cup.though Geylang were not covered much by the media the team proof the critics wrong. Hopefully they will start moving up the table by next season.

  4. Hi "Anonymous",

    Indeed, hope things are looking up for the Eagles and it's equally important for the Bedok residents to show the support to the team as well.

    Chairman Patrick Ang said before the start of the season that "it's time to get back to where Geylang was" and the Cup victory shall serve as a launchpad for that mission..

  5. U did nt mix up the name fr Man of the match :P

    Unlike a news media in S'pore who thought Fajar Sarib was No1 becos he wore No1 shirt

    Show us why it is tough to expose local as the local reporters lacked the knowledge & need Reuters, AFP etc

  6. Well "Happy"...


    I wonder who would take the blame for this blooper?? the first rule of basic journalism is CHECK and GET YOUR RIGHT!


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