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Instant Reaction : Indonesia 0-2 Singapore

"Sopcast" let me down again and a white knight in recommended this alternative -"SPVOD".

Need not to worry about the buffering of the clip as it was smooth-sailing throughout the match, although it was lag by a few seconds (which always the case).

And we did it again at Senanyang (aka Gelora Bung Karno Stadium) with a 2-0 win over the hosts, who must be feeling a lot of pressure before and now, after the match.

Not a bad display by Baihakki Khaizan at the back and fair to say we are slowly progressing after every match... See you guys back home.


  1. Well done. Surely we are going to play Vietnam in the Semis. Bring them on man.

  2. Haha, I was on Sopcast all the way, so I watched like about 1/3 of the match only! Still managed to catch Shi Jiayi's screamer in real time!

    Will try that alternative site for the remaining matches.

    Anyway I think we might just face Malaysia in the next round. What better way to warm up for the final than a win over our arch rivals!

  3. Arrgggghhh!!!! Duric is OUT altogether with a fracture. First Faruz Nawaz, then Khairul Amri, then Qiu Li and now Duric. Alam Shah seems to be next with groin injury. Injuries seems to playing trick on us. Hopefully we can have some luck in the semis now.

  4. I was watching the 11 pm Channel U news last night and guess what they mentioned about the sports news.

    NBA Basketball and Argentinian League (Boca Juniors, etc). No mention of AFF Suzuki Cup at all.

    Argentina League?!?! Who cares?

    I am appalled by the standard of our mediacorp news channel.

  5. Nice, I'll check it out for the away leg against Vietnam... unless of course Laos manage to beat Vietnam, in which case I'll take a bus up to KL for the second leg!

    To Anonymous: we've done well even without Duric, Qiu Li and Amri. We even rested Mustafic Fahrudin in that win against Indon, so it shows some maturity on the part of our local boys (though of course Shi Jiayi and Wilkinson helped.) which is a step towards the long-term goal of the Foreign Talent Scheme.

    Let's go Lions let's go! See you all at the National Stadium on 21st Dec!


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