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"蠢" (admended)

Told you so, didn't I?

Told you don't get involved with "that thing"

There you have it! "One wrong move and regret forever"

一个字形容你 - "蠢"
Only ONE word to describe you - BODOH! (stupid)

Some of you are puzzled who is the bespectacled guy talking over the phone?

His name is Zhao Zhipeng (赵志鹏), one of the Liaoning's seven being charged for "that thing".

As he's getting married soon, which was why He was the first to plead guilty to admit to have been involved in "that thing".

There you have a it - going to get married soon and caught with your pockets stuffed with ill-gotten cash.... so calling him "BODOH", sounded harsh??


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