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Instant Reaction :Jordan 2-1 Singapore (admended)

Was told that the Lions played the game under a freezing condition... Gggaahhh!!! I guess the only concern now is whether the team can make it in time for the Saudi showdown??

At least, rest assured we can fly to Riyadh without any human-made hassle unlike the Palestinians then :P...
Anyway, got the result via ... you can't fault them when playing under an unfamiliar circumstances (unless like they did again the Omanis)
For those of you punters outhere, I'm pretty sure you know this site

But this morning (1st Feb), I woke up to realize that I made a BIG blooper (as refer to the "cut out above"above)!! As I realized the score was actually 2-1 to the Jordanians (damn!! it's another major case of embarrassment in a space of a week in my blogging career)

A check with the official source (above) confirmed everything.. Sorry for the wrong info provided ...

millions of apologises..


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