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Whether is he a "Birch" or "Low"?

(L-R): Lim Chin, Zainudin Nordin and Johan Gouttefangeas

It's not fair to tag him now with either one of the two colonial characters whom I opined the new S.League CEO would be and define the direction the league is heading to under his leadership.

The announcement of former ex-SAFFC chairman Lim Chin (pictured above left) came as no surprise with talks of the former Chief of Artillery being named as the man on the hot seat following several news reports of him suggested he would.


FAS president Zainudin Nordin (pictured above center) assured the media that a smooth transition will be ahead for both Lim and his deputy, Johan Gouttefangeas (pictured above right) with him as the "hands-on" person to serve as guiding hand to the duo.

In the eagerly anticipated press conference at the league headquarters at the Jalan Besar Stadium, Mr Zainudin said his vision for the S.League Version 2.0 is simple that is to see the league be commercially viable with the league operations under the two newly-appointed heads.


One of the key points promised by the FAS chief is it will be a fixed league schedule for this season's two-rounded league competition "to allow things to be better organized and ample of rest time for the players" ("Unless it SNOWS!" chuckled Mr Zainudin).

In his inaugural address to the pack, the 50-year-old former military man said his first task in the office is to form a new management team to run the S.League, which is now a separate business unit within the FAS umbrella answerable to a separate management committee.

"I think everything is all in place to ensure the league gets a kick start," concluded Mr Lim in his welcome speech.


  1. At the sideline after the main event, Gouttefangeas was quizzed for his thoughts over the reportedly "sit-out protest" threatened by his former club Etoile FC over his appointment as the deputy CEO.

    The Frenchman refused to comment anything over this matter saying that he just "came back last night (and may not be aware of things) and would stay focus to improve the league instead."


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