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Even Phil Lines can't do this now...

Many folks will be forgiven if they thought the new season of the S.League is going to kick-off a year or so, instead of the official date given the league authority - 9th February 2012.

It's not a laughing matter and consider the fact the unveiling of the CEO of the League was only done weeks ago and on the same occasion the media were only made know in larger content what are to be expected in the much touted "S.League Version 2.0".

Sounded confident and well-aware of the tough task ahead, Mr Lim Chin, the newly appointed CEO opined that "everything is all in place to ensure the league get kick start." in his inaugural speech.

Which many hope that would be the case and share the same optimism of the former Chief of Artillery who has been visiting clubs around the island in part of his familiarization tour.

Yet, there are already grumblings on the grounds on the lack of awareness drive (except the announcement for the annual show opener - the Charity Shield on 5th February) with the league is just two weeks away to commence.

Anyone keen to apply?
However, what is more shocking is the fact that when I came across this job posting (pictured above) on "" that the league authority is looking for someone to fill up the post of that of a "Chief Marketing, S. League SBU".

The date of this job placing was dated 17th January 2012 and as mentioned, we are just less than TWO weeks away for season 2012.

My concern is being a chief marketing officer for the league, he or she must be given ample time to settle into a new environment and know the inside out of the scene in order to carry out the job well (unless we have someone called Phil Lines, whose feat was that he made EPL the most marketable league in the world or not?).

It's not simply like give him or her a brief outline and some files to refer in order to grasp the situation well.

Here we are trying to convince the skeptics out there that we are dead serious to move forward, but with the recent happenings of late, I begin wonder how I'm going to convince my peers we are heading the right way.

Anyway, there are few more openings for qualified candidates as listed here for the S.League SBU, but remember we are kicking off on 9th February 2012.

Happy Lunar New Year - 恭贺大家新年万事都如意。


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