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Geylang Utd's not-exactly "U-TURN"

2012 Geylang United HOME kit

Having heard the outcry over the decision to change the traditional green home strip to a maroon one, Geylang United decided to revert, although not entirely, the unpopular choice of colour.

Instead, the maroon kit will become the Eagles' away jersey with a mainly white-coloured based uniform (pictured above, depending on your browser settings) be the choice of the home outfit for the new season.


In a media statement issued today, the club said: "After gathered response and feedback from the fans, the club management has decided to make the necessary changes in our jersey colour arrangement.

"With approval sought from FAS (Football Association of Singapore), the maroon kit will become the away outfit, while the white/green kit will be our 2012 home jersey choice of colour."

The Eagles added new home kit will be mainly white in colour, with a stripe of green across the chest to give the jersey a more 'eye-refreshing' look, as compared to previous years jerseys which were primary green-based in the same statement.

"The design is indeed refreshing as compared to last season's much simpler outlook," remarked Eagle fan Mr Aidil Jo, when told of these newly revised home stripes.

"While it may look nice, I think they (Geylang United) might have in mind in the first place to designate it as the away kit (pictured below).

2012 Geylang United AWAY kit

"And I think based on the fans' request for the home jersey to remain green, the only compromising move for the club management is to swap colours in between the home and away kit, whatever it is, it is still better than maroon," added Aidil on the revised choice of colour for the home kit.


On the same notion, Md Noor Hadi, who earlier voiced his disapproval over the choice of the maroon jersey, concurred that fans' opinions may have changed the mind of the club management over this "colour" issue.

"I believe the fans did well to let their feeling known to the club after they announced the maroon kit," said Hadi who although still prefer the green identity associated with his favourite club.

"It's equally important that the club acknowledges the fans' feedback. And for that, hats off to GUFC, especially their marketing guy. Clubs and FA in this country should start to respect the fans more." opined the web designer in an email interview with this blog.

(P.S: pictures of the jerseys came together with the media release provided by Geylang United Football Club)


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