Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is it still in-line with the "Strategic Plan"??

Picture courtesy of FAS
If you guys want to know what are my thoughts over the announcement made this afternoon at Kuala Lumpur (pictured above), I would say I'm still struggling to formulate my thoughts.

As everything to me still looked so vague, nonetheless, I allowed a journalist friend to quote me as follow when he called earlier.

"We have just disqualified ourselves with Malaysia from taking part in the ACL (Asian Champions League), as I understand AFC (Asian Football Confederation) do not allow participation from member countries if they having foreign teams in their domestic leagues" citing an earlier announcement that saw us redraw from the Asian elite club competition because of the insistence of having foreign teams in our league.

"Furthermore, it's been 17 years after we pulled out from the Malaysia Cup and during the period we see a new generation of supporters grown up that who might not see/appreciate the significance of it as in the past, unlike those like us who been through that era." as I concluded my thoughts over the phone (if I remember correctly what I said).

Suddenly my mind went blank after having said those above-mentioned, while trying to grab hold of situation to assess my thoughts.

Saw some of the postings on the blog FB page.

"Malaysia Cup ??? U hav been there ... Passion ... Winning .... Proud ... But ut (you) will bring down all the hard work the S league clubs, S league supporters down the drain ... RIP Singapore football ... Our aim is winning the ultimate M league / Cup now"said one who voice his apparent unpleasantness over the announcement.

"... see it as exposure and bonds build over the period could be beneficial for YL, if NS dun upset the system. I think its a good move. YL did do that in 2006 too for M-cup too." added another citing the example of Young Lions took part in Malaysia FA Cup in 2006 (a view that was more or less similar to Jakarta Casual's entry back in 2008).

While another commented the involvement of "Singapore Lions" should not be seen as Singapore rejoining the Malaysian League, as to him "its just an U23 team exchange! but all this nonsense talk about malaysia cup days and old footage and pictures from the 90s popping up..." in view of several mainstream outlets might have overdoing it by portrayed the move as a "nostalgic" one.

Is our priority still aiming to play in the best tournament in the continent?
 Even though, more specific details on the arrangement are to be made known once things are put in place, I guess many fans out there would like to know what would be the PRIORITY for the Singapore Football?

  • In the name of fostering good footballing relationship, should we jeopardise our footballing fate that eventually see us not able to excel further up the ladder (i.e: opportunity for our clubs to be involved in ACL) because of such collaboration?
  • I am not sure the decision of recruiting the so-called national players who are aged under 23 for this "Singapore Lions" would be a fair move to their S.League clubs (have we not seen lately a few clubs having to release some of those 'SEA Games' eligible players to Courts Young Lions during the transfer window)?
  • If that's the case, would S.League clubs be wary of fielding those "U23" players in fear of having them being "enlisted for Singapore Lions" should they caught the attention?
  • Beside fostering "better ties" between both football community, how would such collaboration help to "fix the leaking rooftop we are facing in our own house"?
Not another plan gonna end up like "GOAL 2010" eh?
 I just wonder if there's a shift of focus as I been pondering does this arrangement is still in line with the "Strategic Plan" the FAS announced last April (which I could not find that anymore on FAS site since).


  1. Pohui,

    more than 100 years of footballing tradition. You have no right to question.


  2. He has broken another promise

    Wht is new

    It is 1989 again & tht man is Abbas Abu Amin the second (The FAS president in 1989)

  3. Old rivalries clouding your opinion? FWIW, although I have my own reservations about allowing Singapore into the MSL, I believe that this will be a win-win situation for both Malaysia and Singapore. If anything, it will be for the advancement of the game in both countries. Don't let your prejudices cloud your better judgement.


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