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A voice of a 14 year-old fan

Rennard Ho, a 14 year-old Courts Young Lions supporter, who penned a letter to one of the papers regarding his thoughts on the recent announcement of the joint FAS-FAM MOU that would see a Singapore team playing in the Malaysian League for the first time since 1994.

Below is the unedited version of the letter Rennard emailed and many thanks to him for allowing me to republish it.

"First and foremost, I do not actually expect this to be published. I'm 14 this year, and I support the Courts Young Lions. This move to the Malaysia Cup, has brought disappointment and shock to me, and many others in the football fraternity.

I'm upset that, after those attempts to secure major sponsors, fans and a TV show about the team, we are going to Malaysia. This is from the BOTTOM of my heart. Have FAS ever thought about how fans think? They EXPECT us to be happy. Wait. What about those players? Don't they have an education here? So should we expect them to travel to and fro from SG to MY for games?

The S-League was formed in 1996, a year after Singapore pulled out of the Malaysia Cup. The S-League is our own league. Yet the FAS is not paying any attention to it. Instead they are thinking about how we can return to Malaysia. Where have all the merchandise trucks gone? Other than the old notebooks I find at Harbourfront Centre, the merchandises each club offers - sometimes the fans make their own merchandise, for example Hougang United's fan scarf - what else can we find?

I feel that rather than trying to live the past again, we should look forward to advance. Take care of the league that belongs to us. What good can Malaysian STATE teams do? If a S-League selection can thrash Selangor, I don't see why we should return to Malaysia, where Selangor is considered to be one of the strongest there. I end this with a thank you for paying attention to a young teen who loves Singapore football.


Picture of the depicted notebooks courtesy by "Kak Yana" (views expressed may not necessary be that of the blog owner)


  1. Just Selangor?? he forgot to mention Kelantan and Terengganu. Malaysia football is on the RISE right now. Do NOT underestimate Malaysian teams.

  2. Selangor is a third-ranked team in the MSL. Seems that Kelantan was left out, they are the MSL champions.

  3. Pohui... since u r a diehard sleague fan, dont let us see you blogging about the malaysia cup next year ok !!


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