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Got an email from Friz, who is a DJ of Rediffusion Radio that he would like to feature me on their morning show on SYNC - Your Lifestyle Radio.

With DJ Friz  (pictured right) who is the host of  "SYNC - Your Lifestyle Radio"
Rediffusion has been in Singapore since 1949, during its heyday from 1950s to late 1970s it was a common sight everywhere in Singapore to have its trademark "box" receiver strategically located at places like kopitiams, shophouses to allow listeners to tune to their programs with Chinese Dialect Operas and Story-Telling segments by the legandary Lee Dai Shau being the mainstay of the station from decades.

As times evolved, so did Rediffusion as well with the station broadcast its programs using Digital Audio Broadcasting (DBA) System that provides crystal clear sound quality.

Here I was in the recording studio doing the recording
Just like the "Razor TV" segment I was on earlier, this program was pre-recorded as well (which I think it would be best for someone who is slow in formulating answer when being prompted a question like myself) and all Friz required from me was just to "sit down and relax for a comfy chit-chatting session".

During the session, Friz proceed to ask the beginning of BoLASEPaKO and how it came about with some topics of current state of local football being discussed and my opinions on those issues too.

Friz doing the editing right after the recording
To facilitate the session to be smooth-sailing, a couple of questions were emailed to me before-handed to get myself prepare and which I am glad everything went according to script, although, I did highlight my concern about my pronunciation which Friz assured everything is fine. 

Definitely it was an eye-opener for someone like me, who actually grew up listening to Rediffusion in my home kitchen during my boyhood days and the visit to their studio sure brought back a lot of those memories in the past.



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