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Wishful Thinking...

I am not sure how the whole phenomenon started, following the announcement of the FAS-FAM MOU in Kuala Lumpur.

Seen as a mere exercise to foster better footballing ties between both countries with each side sending a team to take part in each other's domestic league as a "cornerstone" arrangement in this symbolic partnership.


The next thing we saw was a huge "PR machinery" that went ahead on the mainstream media to stir the nostalgic emotions long locked in some of the fans' hearts with a daily dosage of old pictures from "good ol' days" coupled with those "feel good" sentiments from those who endorsed the move to the so-called "rejoining the Malaysia Cup" as "positive move to save our football".

One of the "pro-Malaysia Cup" views shared

On the other hand, only in the cyberspace where harshest opinions can be seen from the monitor screen condemning the move that many see as a "step backward" for our local football.

"I think they overestimate the demand for the (Malaysia) Cup. This time next year, S League will have died; Malaysia-Singapore thing will be old news" said one of those whom I spoke to over the last few days.


Other than that, a joke I saw on my Facebook feed goes like this - "Vietnam plans to top ASEAN in 2020, Japan aims to win World Cup in 2050. Singapore?​ Champions of Malaysia in 2012 "

This announcement of the joint MOU came months after the regrouping of the national team following the shock disbandment of the national team as the result of the poor showing at last year's Suzuki Cup.

The move seems like a master stroke fitted in nicely to resuscitate the ailing local football scene, a move perceived to be that by most mainstreamers, despite the small renaissance after morale-boasting win over the "auld enemy" - Malaysia that had us to be featured group stages of World Cup qualification.

Or rather not?

These massive "wayang" of late can only conclude one thing - CLUELESS.

We are absolutely CLUELESS, LOST IN THE JUNGLE of what we are supposed to do to remedy the woes we are facing.


As mentioned, allowing another foreign team into the S.League and sending a "Singapore" team to play in the Malaysian League eventually disqualified countries of both sides of the Causeway a chance to be part of the Asian Champions League (ACL) - the pinnacle of Asian club competition and all these in the name of fostering better ties which denied a chance to excel at the top - wise move, eh?

Even if playing at the continent's highest level is no longer top the priority (one of the key components under the "Strategic Plan" which spelled out "being among the top 10 ranked teams in Asia by 2015."), I thought getting your house in order should be the top priority?

It has always been the biggest bugbear to see the league in stagnancy over those problems that besieged it for a long and now and then seems many of those dwindling faithful are being presented with half-executed plans that are not faithfully followed.

The latest development that sent a shock wave throughout the football fraternity in Singapore, it undoubtedly seen by many hard-core S.League supporters as a move to discredit the league we call our own.

It's not simply a painting job to save Singapore football

Days ago I was asked for my opinion about this whole "wayang" after maintaining my silence over it.

"To me, it's like your house is in a mess and you're just clueless about how to clean it up even if you are given the broom, duster and detergent," I said to those who asked me

"And with the paint of the walls peeling off, they thought they could get some pieces of wallpapers to patch up and invite some guests over for a visit."

"So in the end, you're not solving the problems we are facing after all.."

Having said that, I think I should also put myself in order before "kena" backfires for comments I made...LOL

PS: This article was first published on 31st July 2011 and is being refurbished with additional details in line with the content repurposing of this blog on 11th April 2024


  1. You are absolutely spot on here!

    You combine 2 messy houses (one S League, one MSL), you will not end up with a neat house.

    This return to Malaysia thingy is just another case of sweeping the domestic dirt under the carpet. A distraction at best!

  2. Come on la, don't be so negative. No matter what happens, those are our SINGAPORE LIONS playing.

    Since the decision has already made, I think you are better off garnering support for them instead of pouring cold water. And as fans we can't change anything now, but what you are doing now is killing Singapore football bits by bits. At least the politicians are creating playing time for the young players, while you are here critizing everything they do.

    Who are we to say that M-League is a stepback? If it's really of a poor quality, can you guarantee the Lions will win every game? If you can't, then I say it is a comparable league. As long there is a challenge for the Lions, no matter how you look at it, it is definitely a development program.

    The M-League may have lousy club leagues, but don't forget S-League have Tanjong Pagar and Hougang United as well. If you think S-League is all strong and mighty like Home Utd, hey, M-League have Selangor in their ranks!

  3. Pohui,

    I thought S-League supporters always dissed Malaysia Cup fans? A league of our own, you guys would say proudly.

    Then I think S-League attendance is the least of your concern, since M-Cup fans won't and don't attend the league games.

    If S-League do indeed 'die', it is no fault of Malaysia Cup. As a hardcore fan, you should know S-League has been stagnating and going downhill for years now.

    I think a return to the Malaysia Cup is the boost that Singapore football needs, whether you like it or not.

    Football competition builds primarily on rivalry. And face it, a Young Lions vs Selangor game is much bigger than Home Utd vs Tampines. I can foresee a Lions fan mocking Selangor support, but Home Utd fan going up against a Stag fan... umm no.

  4. Dear all,

    I thank you all for your opinions expressed, whilst we may not see things from the same perspective, while we may not interpret our thoughts in the same frequency.

    But at the end of the day we agree that we just want Singapore football to prosper...

  5. It is yet another stupid idea from FAS. Ever since 2003 FAS have come up with many stupid plans likme having foreign teams playing in S League and Singapore Cup, ownself opt out of ACL due to foreign clubs presences and now this nonsense of rejoining M League!

    Seriously FAS top people really needs to wake up their bloody idea and restructure S League instead!


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