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[Media Information] S.League clubs to receive additional funding for next five years

(Media Information from the Football Association of Singapore)

Singapore, 4 April 2011: The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is pleased to announce that the 12 S.League clubs participating in the 2011 Great Eastern-YEO’s S.League will be receiving additional funding support over the next five seasons.

Each local S.League club received cash and KPI-based subsidies of up to $549,000 last year. As a result of the increase in funding, clubs could potentially receive 40 per cent more in cash subsidies and up to 100 per cent increment in KPIs-based subsidies.

FAS President Zainudin Nordin said: “The increase in funding is to assist clubs to strengthen their financial position, raise the clubs' management capabilities, attract more quality players, intensify their community engagement and enhance clubs' youth development programmes.

“Ultimately, the additional funding should lead to more competitive teams in the league and better match day experience and entertainment value for our fans. This will in turn increase the number of supporters turning up at the stadiums. Fans are the heartbeat of Singapore football. Their support is critical and remains a vital component in the development, progress and success of Singapore football.”

The additional funding comprises of cash subsidies and the following KPIs-based subsidies.

• Young Foreign Player subsidies
The objective is to help clubs secure better quality footballers, aged between 18 and 21, who could also be identified and shortlisted under our Foreign Talent Scheme. This will benefit the club's performance on the pitch and also help to widen the pool of available talent for the national team. Clubs can receive up to $55,000 each for two young foreign players who must fufill the requirements set by FAS. These players must display good technical and tactical abilities and must be approved by our Technical Committee.

• Management Staff subsidies
This will strengthen the clubs' management capacities and assist the club to attract and retain more quality personnel in administrative, finance, marketing and media-related fields. There will also be more upgrading management and technical courses for club staff.

• Marketing and community subsidies
These subsidies will help intensify their marketing and outreach efforts to bring in more sponsors and reach out to new supporters.

• Revenue subsidies
The revenue subsidies seek to incentivise clubs to expand their revenue streams and in turn reinvest it back into the clubs.

• Insurance and facilities-related subsidies
These subsidies will assist clubs in partially offsetting their operational costs.

Mr Zainudin said: “We believe that this holistic and integrated approach in funding will help them enhance every key area that is crucial to their progress and development.”

The club chairmen were informed of the details pertaining to the additional funding by Mr Zainudin at a briefing session which was held on 4 April at Jalan Besar Stadium.

Mr S. Thavaneson, vice-chairman of Balestier Khalsa FC, welcomed the announcement.

“We appreciate the relentless efforts of the FAS President and his management team in securing the additional funding for the clubs, which is crucial in strengthening our financial position and assisting us to reach the next phase of our growth and development. The onus is now on us to utilise this additional financial support to bring our club to the next level and deliver the KPIs, including an enhanced football experience for our fans,” he said.

S.League Centre of Excellence programmes
At the briefing session, Mr Zainudin also informed the club chairmen that in line with the FAS Strategic Plan 2010-2015, all local S.League clubs must operate their club Centre of Excellence (COE) U-14, U-16 and U-18 programmes from 2011 onwards.

Once the clubs are ready, they will be expected to run the Under-8, Under-10 & Under-12 age-groups in the clubs COE programme. As part of the FAS Strategic Plan 2010-2015, FAS now operates three Junior COEs for Under-8, Under-10 and Under-12.

The funding for each local S.League club to operate the COE programme will be increased to $110,000 annually. The funding for these COE programmes is separate from the cash and KPI-based subsidies mentioned earlier.

As part of the enhancement initiative, all COE coaches will be required to attain the AFC ‘A’ Certificate in the future.

Mr Zainudin said: “FAS has expanded the breadth and depth aspects of our clubs’ COE programmes in order to enhance the tactical, technical, physical and mental capabilities of our emerging young talents.”

He added: “Besides quality coaching, these players will receive essential support in the areas of football science and medicine programmes such as nutrition and injury prevention amongst others.”

Mr Thavaneson said: “Youth development is of paramount importance for both the clubs and Singapore football and we are happy that FAS has devoted more financial resources and technical support for the clubs’ COE programmes. We are ready to kick-start our COE programmes and we believe that with the additional funding as well as key initiatives introduced by the FAS, we will see more quality young players coming through our NFA and COE programs.”


4 April 2011


  1. I really not sure if this is a good idea to keep pestering for handout like this?

    I know it's tough and clubs are at their wit's end to source for the much-needed fund, but in a long run it's never a long-term viable solution.

    I think the clubs must intensify in their outreach program to draw supports the native around the area they based with the schools as the most largely untapped market for cultivating such following.

    The clubs and these education institutions must therefore work hand-in-hand to formulate this kind of bonding, with hopes that the kids who eventually grow up will stick their support to the club they follow since young and therefore form a solid fan base of these clubs.

    And community outreach is not necessary means conduct a few clinics,coaching session and it should be more than that.

    I think what I mentioned above had been "recycled" for quite while.

  2. The problem is the fact that S-League teams remain commercially unadventurous. Relying on sponsors for financial support. Clubs themselves should explore other commercial avenues to ensure that they are financially independent.

    If we are going the sponsorship way, then why arent we exploring ways to generate more sponsorship opportunities? In England, we have the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal), Reebok Stadium (Bolton), DW Stadium (Wigan Athletic). In Germany - the Allianz Arena (Munich), Volkswagen Arena (Wolfsburg). The list goes on and even crosses into other sports such as American Football, Baseball and even Aussie football and Cricket. The sale of naming rights can be instrumental in helping a club bulk up their bank accounts. Even parts of the stadium like the east/west wings and sides can be sold. The sale of advertising space surrounding/within the stadium itself can also go a long way to shore up finances.

    In addition, i wonder why clubs arent exploring making their stadiums more entertaining/marketable? For example, developing the stadium to include shops/stores etc. so as to encourage a better match day experience. A look at more renowned clubs and their stadiums would show how some clubs take stadium management into their own hands. Every commercial avenue is explored so as to generate sales and finances.

    Its strange how clus here are comfortable with receiving money from the association yet do little to ensure that they themselves become financially independent.

  3. Hi "Anonymous",

    Regrettably, the fact that the stadiums are owned by SSC and not the FAS or clubs themselves has made things a bit tricky for your suggestion.

    If I'm not wrong, such commercialize proposals were brought and kept at bay when the SSC "decided to charge 'commercialize' rate" if such proposals kick off, which is something the clubs, at this moment at least, not willing to do so.


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