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Drumming up support for the 'Eastern Derby' - The Eagles' way

The residents in Bedok Central were in for a pleasant surprise last Saturday morning when they were greeted by players and officials of Geylang United Football Club.

As part of their community outreach program to the vicinity they are based, the Eagles initiated the awareness drive to promote the upcoming "Eastern Derby" match against the neighbouring Tampines Rovers, who are due for a visit this coming Thursday (21st April) at the Bedok Stadium.

"One reason we are doing this is because we want to generate an awareness that 'Geylang United is here' among the Bedok residents." explained Gale Gan, the club's Senior Officer (marketing and media) on the motive behind this awareness drive.

"Getting players to come out and interact with the residents had shown that we are sincere of having them come down to Bedok Stadium to support us on the match days." added Gan.

According to him, the response from the residents during the morning walkabout has been "positive" with some residents taking the opportunity to gain more insights into the club's involvement in their community from players and officials alike.

"Some residents whom we come across asked questions like, where the game (against Tampines) is going to be held, and what it is about (this 'Eastern Derby').

"This shows that some residents in the area are not aware that Geylang United is there in Bedok (all this while)." observed Gan as he shared his thoughts with this blog about the morning walkabout at one of the busiest heartland areas in Singapore.

Such outreach initiative is seen as a good start to integrate itself into the township of Bedok by those involved, with Geylang's head coach Mike Wong commenting: "It's definitely good for the club to have such a program to create constant awareness among the Bedok residents of our club."

This is precisely why the club has not ruled out the possibility of collaborating with the local Resident Committees (RCs) to reach out to the wider pool of residents in the next phase of their engagement program.

"Getting the RCs in the vicinity to involve in our outreach program is definitely something on our minds, because through them we can reach out to a wider pool of residents but everything has to be done a step at a time." opined Gan.


  1. Geylang United is putting effort to see if the Bedok residents would respond well on Thursday's "Eastern Derby" fixture against the neighbouring by coming initiative such as giving out "Programme Sheets" that contain information like quotes by coach and players and a mini photo poster on the 3rd page.

    Beside the hardcopy version, the Eagles also come up with a SMS system to allow fans to get instant update of the club happenings

  2. News of the day (Disclaimer it's totally fictional and based on the photos posted on this blog. :P)

    After a resounding 7-0 victory over eastern rivals Tampines Rovers in front of 7,000 at Bedok, Geylang United chairman Patrick Ang has declared his five Singaporean players will contest the upcoming elections as an independent group, forcing a three-cornered fight with the ruling People's Action Party and Workers' Party.

    "The resounding victory in front of 7,000 show the political influence and strength this club has in this area," he claimed.

    "It shows our resounding success in the grassroots outreach days before the game, even showing better output than the Pappies.

    "Thus I declare Jonathan Xu, Syed Fadhil, Adrian Dhanaraj, Lim Tong Hai and Mike Wong to represent Geylang under the Eagle logo in the upcoming GE, with Gale as the election agent for the team.

    "I am confident we will swing the support of the Pappies to our side and earn the coveted seats in Parliament and spar with PM Lee and company with our brand name."

    (This is not meant to be serious, so if anyone is offended, apologies. :P)


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