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[Event] Do You all think I deserve a chance??

(P.S: I was recently put to a task by Tiger Beer, the sponsor of the Singapore National Team, to see if I deserved a chance to win the grand prize of the "Tiger Beer Regional Online Influencer Challenge"... read on for more details...)

For one, I'm always try to make myself heard...

And that's the reason why I started this blog to share whatever my opinions and thoughts on the local game (even if sometimes it did gave me some frightening moments)..

Thanks to blogging, I got the chance to visit the Shah Alam Stadium, where one of the greatest moments of Singapore football history was written when the Lions clinched the Malaysia Cup in 1994 before breaking away to form the S.League in 1996.

Thanks to blogging, I got a chance to pass a BOCAP to my boyhood idol - former Singapore captain Fandi Ahmad (pictured above) and met one of the greatest strikers that graced the football field - Robbie Fowler, when he was here with the North Queensland Fury (pictured below).

Along the journey, I was fortunate enough to meet another legendary figure of the game - former England captain and currently the head coach of the Thailand national team - Bryan Robson (pictured below with me last year when he was here with the Thai national team for the Asian Cup Qualifiers).

Having already met one of the Red Devils greats in person... Here comes the question - SHOULD THIS WORLD RENOWNED PLAYER BELOW BE THE NEXT ON THE LIST FOR MY ALBUM? (see below)

Yes, that's him - Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United and England star striker and the Tiger Beer ambassador.

For past few days, I have been pondering if there's any similarity between Wazza and me (as it's one of the key criteria for judging), well here's what I thought...

Sourced from "Youtube"

How about that?? Same like this blog that both of us are being vocal, at times, to voice our thoughts on issues dear to us (for him, was after the booing of his own fans and for me - the issues pertaining local football).

If you guys felt I deserved a chance to go to Manchester and meet up with the man himself, please kindly drop a comment using your REAL NAME with URLs to your social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. (as required by the contest organizers).

OR alternatively, you may simply just move your mouse over the image below and click it (which will accumulate the number of "buzz" generate from this entry).

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(copyrights of the picture of Wayne Rooney belongs to Tiger Beer.)


  1. Gogogogog Pohui!!! You're the man! Support you all the way!

    Basil Yeo

  2. No one else in Singapore deserves this.
    All the way Pohui.

  3. Pohui is one amazing blogger,who will always go an extra mile to get all sporting stories it youths or adults,he made the efforts to be what he is doing now.

    Jordon Goh

  4. All the best Pohui! Hope you get to meet Roonaldo in Manchester, it's what you deserve. Thanks for your posts and keep up the good work.

  5. of course you deserve it!

    Nicholas Tee

  6. I've been reading Pohui's blog since last year and his passion for football on his blog is impressive! He does his reports and covered the news for those who weren't there to watch the matches, interviews, etc. I do hope he wins!

  7. Woohoo go Pohui - when it comes to local football this chap is second to none!

    Jan Lin

  8. Go for it Pohui!!! Wayne Rooney is waiting for you. Without you, where got Singapore football? FAS should better start paying you a monthly media allowance, with incentives and privileges too. Tiger Beer rockz!!!

  9. In Singapore he is to me rated e 2nd best person
    To get the chance to meet Rooney, becos there isit a number 1 person!!!!!!! He's the man and do give that man a tiger!!!!

  10. Pohui definitely deserves the real thing, not just the chance. He is by far the "Tiger Beer Regional Online Influencer Challenge"

    Give it to him Tiger

  11. Give it to the man! He deserves a shot here. Cheers!

  12. support Po Hui to meet Rooney



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