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The Aftermath (3-7)

“The Straits Times” shown some mercy when they lauded the "courage and effort shown", whereas its sister paper, the free tabloid “Mypaper” screamed "Disgraceful, Inept, Shameful!", while the rivalling “TODAY” depicted a player looked like Aleksandar Duric or Fahrudin Mustafic holding his head in despair with the tag "LIONS' SHAME".

Those were the reactions from the mainstream media following the national team's biggest home defeat in their competitive history.

While I don't blame the media for splashing that kind of eye-catching headlines across the front-pages since they were telling what we saw with our own eyes.

Although, all these happened at the wrong timing.

Wrong timing in a sense, these happened when the chips are looking up for the national team, who are slowly trying to regain the faith of the notorious sceptical football followers of this country.

Yes, we were being taught a very good lesson of the game and the Uzbeks truly deserved all the accolades.

Most of the thoughts I gathered from the grapevine indicated the sloppy defending by the players attributed to the downfall of the team.

"They tried their best but the lack of international (match) experience and stamina caused them dearly.

"Also, the team did not shown teamwork and there was not chemistry between Lionel (Lewis - the 'keeper) and his defenders" said a working friend of my.

"But I really enjoyed the way Uzbekistan played their football." said another for his admiration of the attacking play of the Central Asians.


  1. Wow. Ouch, poor boys. I didn't realise how harsh the "mainstream media" can be in Singapore and I never saw the match that way they see it albeit recognising the strange score line, interesting.


  2. but I guess they are "mild" as compared to those English medis, eh ? hehehe :P

  3. yeah but at least the media in england have some knowledge of the local game

  4. yeah i agree. nothing against the journalists from the mainstream media, i personally don't think whats been harshly reported on mon's match was fair and demonstrate any analytical football knowledge if you ask me?

    the british media is harsher no doubt but it is more because the british boys are not kind to the media to begin with, its almost like using the media to strip away their prima donna attitude. many times the critics do make valid accusations backed by a thorough understanding and analysis of the game.

    but for singapore's case, i don't get it though. i was shocked by the negative atmosphere at the press conference to be honest! ha. it was an okay game in my opinion, in fact, i had thought singapore attacked better than they usually do in the domestic league. so i'm not sure if 'shame', 'disgraceful', 'inept' are accurate or necessary.

  5. Expect more of these scorelines when our teams play in the AFC Chmpions League ( If we can !)

    I appluad the AFC for not letting crap teams like us in the competition proper w/o qualifying !

  6. I appluad the AFC for not letting crap teams like us in the competition proper w/o qualifying !

    You used the word - "us"! Shame on you, never ever as a Singapore citizen shall look down on him or herself.

    You ought to be ashame for making that kinda statement and furthermore you "hide" yourself when saying that!

  7. To Die-Hard Lion Fan, I agreed with anonymous that it will be further disgrace to the nation if The "CAT" (certainly never a lion to me) can proceed to WCQ or AFC. The reason why they can scored 3 into Uber's net was simply Uber was not interested to defend. Uber knew well before hand that The Cat is an easy meat. A 38 years old striker with retarded movement?? That is really a joke!! Worst of all, Singapore League is support and sponsor by Singapore Pools, the one and only bookie is Singapore. Can you imagine a bookie create a league games?? Tell me the chances of these games being fixed!! Singapore players have to learn how to be humble, they are just a new born baby, trying to act like a super star player, thinking that they are david Beckham, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE A GODFATHER, Singapore Pools, BEHIND THEM.

  8. It is because of people like "die hard lion fans" that are trying to find excuses for the lazy lion, thats why they ended up slacking yet thinking they are so great. Everytime I recall Indra said in the paper b4 the match "come to the stadium and be our number 12th man...." I feel like vomitting. (may be I am preg? lol)


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