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[Appeal] Pray for Japan - 17th Mar, Albirex Niigata (S) vs Etoile FC

(Picture above)Bruno Castanheira (left) holds symbol logo for supporting the disaster, while Tatsuro Inui has message board for people in Japan, which is given by children of MULBERRY LEARNING CENTRE LLP which is located at 3rd floor of Jurong East Stadium. (picture credit: Albirex Niigata-S)

As part of their effort to help their fellow countrymen who are being devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that wrecked Japan last week, Albirex Niigata (Singapore) had announced that all proceeds from their match against defending champions, Etoile FC on 17th March will be donated to the charity causes back in Japan.

According to an email from the club made known to the media, donation of all gate collections will go to
CIVIC FORCE, an NGO based in Japan which specializes in emergency response to large scale natural disaster.

The club's main sponsor, Canon will also be setting up a booth to sell players and match day photos at S$1 a piece with all the proceeds would be donated to CIVIC Force.

While the Red Cross will be placing their donation boxes at seven locations around the stadium, namely: Home/Away/Gallery/VIP stand, ticket booth, merchandise booth and beer counter to solicit donations from the public.

"The family members of all the Players and Coaches are safe from the earthquake and tsunami. We would like to assure everyone that the Club and the team are fully committed to the League and that the team would continue to play football to their best ability on the pitch and keep the spectators entertained." said the club in this email.



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