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阿兄见解 (A point of view from "Big Brother") -EDITED

Duric - 人在江湖,身不由己? (whose existence in the team beyond his control?)
A colleague of me (whom I call him "阿兄"- "Big Brother" in Teochew dialect) offered a different perspective on the current state of the national team a few days ago.

"We need a complete overhaul of the system." said my colleague, an avid football follower stayed in Hougang.

"Doesn't it tell you a lot things when our frontline still depend on the likes of (Aleksandar) Duric and Indra (Sahdan Daud), who're already in their sunset years as a striker?" he asked.

National skipper Indra Sahdan would face the chop if "阿兄" is the national coach.
"If I'm the national coach, this are the things I will do!" as he continued.

"First, I would set an age limit of 25 for the team, and gradually phrased out those above that age. This is maintain the energy level of the team."

"Secondly, I would set a criteria of only those who are at least 1.7m, and able to achieve a maximum of 12 seconds in 100m sprint to be in my team since the game is more about having height and speed nowadays." he explained.

(Picture Credit: wikipedia) Park Ji Sung - one of few Asian players earning their wages at the top.
"Just take at look at Asian players like Park Ji Sung (above), aren't they not at their top of their game where they are now?

"It's about having some tough military-style of training to instill some mental toughness in our current group of players whom I think are sorely lack of it."

"While players in other countries might have run more than 10 kilometers before the start of their training, what about our players? Who might have the comfort and leisure to drive to training in their cars or ride on bikes" he added (P.S: citation based on 阿兄's observation and understanding).

阿兄” is a regular at Hougang Stadium.
"I can tell you this, whenever I walked out of the stadium after each game (as he did when he left half-time during Sengkang's 3-0 defeat to Geylang not long ago), I feel nothing but dejection about the state of football we have in Singapore." as he sums up his thoughts.

"阿兄" thanks everybody for their feedback, as he merely wanted to make his view heard as a concerned Singapore football fan and this is what he have to say.

"I thank everybody for their feedback as (what I said is) meant for the future of our national team.

As I said again in today's game both speed, height and fitness are crucial factors in today's game, especially for defenders.

Just take a look at the present 100m world champions (Usain Bolt), he is not that muscular-built, but he has THE speed!

I agree that (Lionel) Messi is short, but he is someone exceptional and do we have someone like him in Singapore now?"


  1. Only God knows what FAS is trying to do now.

  2. Well, it is always easy to give 'suggestions' while watching from far. One never know how these suggestions will turn out until he/she is in the position to implement them.

  3. i quote.
    "First, I would set an age limit of 25 for the team, and gradually phrased out those above that age. This is maintain the energy level of the team"

    whoever said this is a dummy. everyone knows most players peak just before they turn to the wrong side of 30

  4. duric shudn't be playin against liverpool. An Exposure/experience match for a 39 year old? He got nothing more to improve. His time is up.
    Gib chance for our yang lyons la.

    Sleague was doin well last 3-5 years back.
    Now worse, no more merchandise sale, decreasing fans & talents.

    And Mayor Nordin can still tell fifa "we are making progress". Outstandin.

  5. hey faris, another friend once told me this about singapore footballers-"They get better as they get older." Now chew on that...

  6. height limit 1.7m? cmon, its not about height, current 2nd best player FIFA is Leo Messi, he is only 1.69...dont anyhow say, players like Aliff Shafien, one of the fastest in S-league should get a chance in national team.

    Shorter players are easier to manouvre and nearer to the gravity point, jus look at Aaron Lennon..

  7. I think they are all great suggestions that would definitely increase the level of football in Singapore. However, are these suggestions feasible?

    For the age limit suggestion, there are players from around the world that are just as good or even better after the age of 25. Steven Gerrard and Zizou during his time are all examples of this. So while we can try to focus on a young squad, I doubt it is possible to make it a selection criteria. Maybe the coach can make it HIS PERSONAL criteria to have a certain number of players over a certain age.

    About the 1.7m, it is not that high anyway. I am sure must Singapore players are that height anyway? But is speed really the only way to win in football? Not really. Mindless running would get you anywhere. However, with technical ablities and good tactics, success would be assured.

    Anyway, even if we WANTED to implement these changes, do we have the players? We already heard from the Young Lions coach about the problems that he faces. He trains the players and gives them opportunities to improve. "But if you dont have it, you dont have it" Isn't that what he said? So even if these criterias are implemented and we make the players run like crazy to improve their fitness, do we have the players to step up to that mark and by footballers? Instead of marathon runners?

  8. Hi all...

    Interesting discussions going on and love the fact that each and everyone shared their opinions and thoughts on various aspects of this topic.

    While most may not look at things from the same perspective, but at least we had seen it laid on the table and talk over it :)



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