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Have it at 5.. why not?

All Prime League matches would kick-off at 5pm every Saturday, simultaneously.

It's not uncommon to see clubs having their pre-season friendlies scheduled at a 5pm kick-off on Saturday or Sunday, so no reason why players can't play at this climate when it's approaching sunset.

Having scheduled at this close-to-evening slot, I really don't see why whosoever involved should felt short-changed or whatsoever.

By the time the game is over, it's just nice to go for a dinner since it's not even 7pm (not supper as for now)!

Fans wouldn't have to rush to catch the late public transport to home from some obscured located venue (like Home United's temporary ground at Clementi Stadium).

And not complaints should be heard from some guys in the media for the tight deadline they have to meet, if we have it at 5pm.

Last but not least, as much I hated to mention this but it does allow some fans to return home just in time to on their cable sports channels (you know what I driving at).

Last season match between Woodlands and Geylang was interrupted TWICE because of floodlight failure, at the closing stages.

Clubs would see their utility bills reduced (as what I understand they do have to pay for the use of floodlights at nights), thus lighten their financial burden more or less.

After all, I'm proposing have just one such game on a Saturday or Sunday without sounded too imposing, I hope.


  1. S-league had try it during WC 98 period & the result, in term of standard & fans attendences, were so bad, they nvr try it again

    The period btn April onward until August is S'pore dry period (or 35 degree time) & playing at 5 pm is 'tough'

    My friends & I had attend 1 of the SAF game during WC 98 & quickly left at HT as it was too unbearable

    Fans r nt going to pay S$5 to sweat themselves & watch players walk on the field

    The ACL game against Thai side PEA in which Richard Bok mention abt SAF better fitness & pace

    It remind one of their ex-Brazilian coach (back before 04/05 Tiger Cup) when he saw the pace of the Thai league & was suprised at hw slow it was.

    The comments were that the timings of the Thai league was a factor (the dry period)& a majority of Thai players cnnt imprve under such conditions as the pace was well off international standard

    And we must nt forget Bangkok is well off the equator unlike S'pore who is far nearer & so unless S'pore is moved, at least 100 km, more to the north, it is tough.

  2. Hmm..

    Noted, perhaps we should check with the Met guys on the weather and decide which 5pm slot is those "bearable" climate..

    But just to share in the old Premier League days, there were matches kicked-off at 3pm (if I'm not wrong) and 5pm slot..

  3. No doubt but SPL (despite the myth as more popluar than Sleague) matches, barring Tiong Bahru & Geylang, were mostly played in front of only hundreds

    Unless S-league wnt to play in front of only 200-300 people like SPL, it make little sense


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