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sometimes, the truth really hurt

I came across this well-written article by chance.

It was written by a lady named Aishah Hamza and starkly titled, "Why Singaporeans Don’t Watch S.League".

As the name implied, she gave a good account from her own perspective why she felt as what her article suggested.

Some excerpts from her article:

"But S.League is like local music. Singaporeans just don’t like it enough. That’s just the way it is…you can attribute it to our cultural mindset that local is never better than foreign stuff…but that’s just the way we tick. Motley Crue in concert? Wooh! We pay big bucks to be there. But Gry Spy Experiment (some local brand, I believe)? Nah"

"the S.League’s destined to remain unpopular because Singaporeans have no emotional attachment to it. "

"So what can FAS do? Honestly, they can’t do anything much. We will always have more allegiance for clubs halfway across the world than Sengkang Punggol F.C or Balestier Khalsa."

Indeed, sometimes truth really hurt... it's probably time to reflect...


  1. Just a typical gloryhunter as she is unlikely to stick w/ Man U in tough time & will change clubs so that why she claimed she is always supporting the best

  2. Just to add on,

    They will nt be following EPL if they hve to fork up wht the UK r forking out as the attendences r dropping there in UK.

  3. Opinion varies, "Happy".. she's just voicing out her views..

  4. No doubt.

    But here show her as a fad follower than one who knw wht she really wnt.

    Asked her why foreign acts & she say it is oversea but wht abt Malaysian or Indonesia & she will say it nt Western

    That it then.

    It Western idolizing & nothing to do with a product


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