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Instant Reaction : Singapore 2-1 Jordan

Sometimes at games, these are the kind of creatures anyone would never appreciate their presence. The creature in question was teasing and jeering throughout the game that I felt "it" (not he) ought to be singled-out..

Anyway back to the game just now...

I can't be bother to ask where were the rest who turned out last month for the Suzuki Cup match against Vietnam but the 6,188 (or 6,187 minus that "creature") fans who were there just now were given a much improved display by the Lions.

The lining up of the players...

True to his words, coach Raddy axed several established players from the starting lineup with SAFFC's Shaiful Esah given his first starting lineup at home against the Jordanians.

By dropping the much-under fire Precious Emuejeraye, Daniel Bennett was moved to the center-back position with Shaiful on his left.

'kepeer Hassan Sunny was given the starting role as well after Lionel Lewis didn't joined in the full training on the previous day.

Fans shown their appreciation after the game.

Noh Alam Shah made up for his early miss of the night by scoring the winning goal in the 63rd minute, while the visitors incurred the wrath of the home fans by "wayanging" their way to level the scores via a spot-kick in the 41st minute.

Although it was later revealed that fight among the players allegedly broke out when they were heading towards the dressing rooms after the game (based on "roadside- exclusive").

Amid a stringent security measure, the Jordanian team coach was escorted out of the stadium after the alleged incident took place.

Fans were engaging in some sort of discussion regarding the match.

And this particular fan caught my eyes.. Well Done, man...

As requested, here's the highlight scoped from Youtube (courtesy of "Footy4life09" )


  1. Ahh, these type of 'fans' will always be present every now and then. I'm sure they exist overseas, just that they may be drowned out by the other more legit supporters. For us, these people may stand out because they are loud and noisy, compared to the other passive fans we have.

    Anyway, great to hear Shaiful got the nod! I have been saying for a GOOD number of years that Shaiful should be our first choice national left back, and it's finally come true! I think this defensive combination is here to stay, and hopefully Jumaat and Rosman can challenge for the fullback spots too!

  2. You just wonder if these idiots could have stay at home to watch and keep their comments to themselves. They tot their $10 bloody dollars damn big and can entitled them to their load of rubbish.

    Anyway, I think it a all hands on deck performance expecially in the last 15 mins. Good performance from the defence especially Dan Ben who virtually throw himself at every tackles. Those who criticise FTs ought to look into his performance.

  3. Alamak, it's "didn't join", no "ed"..
    Btw how irked I was when that midget s'nearly' spoiled the good part of our 5000+ years of Chinese culture with that mindless act of his..hope he never appears again

  4. the boys are doing fine, just that the jordans love to playact, and a bit sore.

    shaiful esah + hassan sunny should stay in first XI. kudos, to bennett for his fighting spirit.

  5. Very sad 2 c d almost empty stadium. I wonder all d sleague officials, players n spore x nationals r true fans? Whether they are really always there to watch? Give support? Anyway im very happy Spore wins

  6. haha i love that guy whom you pointed out as a die hard singapore fan, he wears red allthe time, i can distinguish from his jacket, i saw him in the uzb match and stuff like that, he always sits at the grandstand and during the national anthem he would wave his flag with pride, if only everyone can be like him.


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