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If can't survive, SO BE IT!

Yesterday morning caused quite a panic for the Woodlands Wellington faithfuls when they woke up to see the possibility of their beloved side might be omitted out of the coming season, following reports that suggested the northern club had not furbished the league authority with a required "financial plan" for the coming season.

Woodlands remain in the league (file picture)
Such revelation came at a time after Gombak United earlier announced their decision to "sit out" for the coming season due to financial difficulties (although the Bulls maintained they will still continue with their outreach and running of their COE programs).

By around 8.30pm on the same day, news trickled in with the confirmation of Woodland's participation in next year's campaign, and at the meantime refuted any claim of alleged financial uncertainties with plans for the upcoming season.

Even with the announcement by the Rams' management on their confirmation of being part of the 12-team S.League setup next season, it's not hard to tell that this is just a temporary relief if painful decisions are not undertake to rid these issues bugging the team and league.

One such areas and probably the biggest of all – clubs' financial sustainability.

It was best highlighted by former national coach Vincent Subramaniam in a recent interview with an online publication.

"We started the S.League in 1996 and have gone a good 17 years, but clubs are still dependent on subsidies," said the current AFC coaching instructor, who is now based in India, in that interview.

The S.League was launched in 14th April 1996
The "sit-out" by Gombak Utd (second time in its history) singled out the lack of diversity in revenue that resulted crunch facing most clubs, isn't it that case?

Diversify income source should be one improvement that clubs must look into for long time ever since day one, as fruit machines, which is not longer a lucrative source of funds due to high taxation and competition from the integrated resorts (in spite of that a number of clubs still having them in their operating premises) and subsidies from the league authority are meant for COMPLIMENT only.

The inability to cultivate a strong supporter base within the vicinity based, the clubs are depriving themselves for potential revenue source from gates, merchandise, etc.

Was told some GROs aren't keen to associated with league'
So how shall we go about it?

Having seen and chit-chat along the way for the past few weeks in sharing thoughts, opinions and ideas among like-minded peers, associates and friends alike that I'll say this bluntly - if this is a way (the implemented $50,000 “fine/reduction in following year's subsidy” or whatsoever measures) to or will force some S.League clubs to fold or “sit out”, so be it.

In a way, it should allow us to see how many are serious in running a TEAM or running a CLUB.

Using medical term to describe the whole situation would be that the patient is diagnosed with a severe diabetic condition that gangrenes are formed in the leg that require amputation to ensure the survival of this patient.

Therefore, over-the-counter medication is not longer a viable solution to the woes we facing.


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