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Nothing mentioned about the $50K issue, but Bulls to continue their COE

(This entry is formulated based on the media release by the Football Association of Singapore)

Bigger paycheck for the League Champions from next season.
The much anticipated new initiatives for the season 2013 S.League are finally made known and confirmed in a press conference held this evening at the FAS headquarters at the Jalan Besar Stadium, after they caused quite a stir of late in recent run-up of events following reports in various media sources.

The following are the key highlights of the upcoming season:
  • With the “sit-out”decision by Gombak United, it will be 12-team league in season 2013.

  • This new “2.5 round” format will see the 12 teams split into two halves based on their league standings after the completion of two rounds of fixtures.

  • The final ‘half’ round will see teams (i.e.: top six teams in one group, bottom six teams in another group) playing against each other in their respective groups.

  • All points accumulated in the 2 rounds will be carried into the final round. The final standings will then be decided at the end of this half round.

  • The format for both Cup tournaments namely RHB Singapore Cup and Starhub League remain intact.

  • The import quota will increase to five from four players next season, with support promised from the league management should clubs are keen to engage a foreign “star” player in this new quota of five.

    Woodlands'GK Ahmadulhaq Che Omar subjected to "2.4" next year
  • The 2.4km run will replace the “Beep Test” to gauge the fitness of the players with minimum passing mark set at 10.15 minutes for outfield players and 12 minutes for goalkeeper, monetary rewards will be given out for players who hit the minimum passing mark of 8.30 minutes ($200) and 9 minutes ($100).

  • There will be an increase in prize monies for the league champions, first runners-up and second runners-up at $250,000, $125,000 and $60,000 respectively (up from $150,000, $75,000 and $40,000 respectively).

  • The Singapore Cup winners, first runners-up and second runners-up will also have their share increase to $100,000, $60,000 and $40,000 respectively (up from $80,000, $40,000 and $20,000 respectively).
As the result, “each team will play a minimum of 31 matches and a maximum of 38 matches for each club in the new season. This would translate to a 23% increase in the number of matches as compared to a 2 round league.” according to the media release issued by the league authority.

For the first time, the goalkeepers are subjected to the mandatory fitness assessment, which in previous years they were not required to do so under the “Beep Test” system.

Gombak United decided to sit out for next season
In the same release, it was revealed Gombak United will continue its Centre of Excellence (COE) programmes, despite its decision to sit out for the upcoming reason.

Said Gombak's chairman, Mr John Yap on this decision undertake by the club:"It is not realistic for us to compete effectively in next season’s S.League with our current resources. However, we will continue with the COE programme as well as off-field activities such as community outreach.

"We believe we can not only consolidate but also strengthen our resources and return to the S.League even stronger in the near future." added Mr Yap, who was quoted in the release.

However, details on the controversial "$50, 000" fine/reduction in the following year's subsidy for club finish bottom of the standings starting from 2013 is not made known in the release.


  1. I was not at the press conference when the initiatives were announced.

    So may or may not, as far as I concern, if the "$50K" issue was brought up and as mentioned, I formulated the entry based on the media release issued.

    Would be glad anyone who was there could enlighten me if I made any mistake about the "$50K" issue.

    Thank you.


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