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Congrats to the Stags (but should have done earlier lah)

Tampines Rovers retained the title on another tense ending
Seriously, if we look back at the precedents that led to this situation at Jalan Besar Stadium this evening, it wasn't meant to be in this manner.

Couple of messing up here and there by Tampines Rovers, the defending champions landed themselves to this inevitable plight against an impressive makeshift Harimau Muda, who were crippled with a number of notable absentees.

"Farra" - The Enforcer's spot-kick sealed the win and title
Jamil Ali (left) proven why he's a trump card for the Stags again
Thanks to a Fahrudin Mustafic's penalty that placed the Stags on a goal lead before half-time did the trick calm some nerves and eventually retain the title.

Nonetheless, kudos to the Tampines players, who got over that heartbreak Cup loss days ago, for staying resilient throughout the evening and ensured the 15-kilogram trophy remain within the Republic boundary.

Sead Hadzibulic (no 10) had impressed all in a short space of time
Harimau Muda (mainly blue outfit) were without a few regulars
With the crowning both the league and Cup winners, it would be wise now to get things sort out in prepare for the upcoming season.

And first and for all, the fixture lists, please.


  1. Luckily the league title didn't end up overseas!

  2. Well done to the Rovers. What was the crowd like for the match?


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