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Are these two shots identical??

I took the shot of Lee Lim Saeng and post in this album and saw the almost identical on another website
Straight to the point here that I would like to seek third-party opinion if these two shots are identical here?

If it's identical, I would like to state that under no circumstance was I ever being approached by any organization or individual to request to reproduce this picture for any purpose on prior notice.

It's regrettable that if these two pictures are indeed the same, despite the "Copyright Information" posted at the top of the page.

Whilst I am grateful that all along due permission was being sought before-handed and acknowledgement is given upon any reproduction of my photos, but it is sad to note some individuals and organizations decided to disregard the efforts and work of the originator.

If such incident ever take place again, I will not rule out the possibility to stop all my photography work on this blog.

However, having said all these.. please judge for me if these two shots are  identical, thank you.

If they are NOT identical, please accept my unreserved apologies to those I may have caused distress...


  1. True that, but when you put things in the publicly hosted site such as Facebook and YouTube, you need to set the restrictions yourself or it's public material because it's subject to their terms of conditions and not yours.

    Recommendation though, is to slap a watermark on pictures you upload on Facebook.


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