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Making that tasty sandwich is Home's priority NOW!

Where has the filling gone for Home United "sandwich" ??
"Two pieces of toasts without fillings in the middle" as what it sums up Home United performance in their season curtain-raiser against defending S.League champions Tampines Rovers in the Charity Shield match at JBS.

The void left by Valery Hiek was clearly illustrated in the goal conceded in less than five minute how the once stout brick-like Protectors' defense was fully exploited by Stags' new signing Davor Piskor with not follow up from Lionel Lewis' narrowing of angle from near distance.

Shotaro Ihata (right) struggled against Fahrudin Mustafic (left)
While the recruitment of Shotaro Ihata from Albirex Niigata (S) to compliment Fred Mendy upfront looks like a match made in heaven, but with a well-marshalled Tampines backline led by skipper Fahrudin Mustafic, the newly-minted duo were struggling to make any impact.

On the contrary, shrewd recruitment of players had given Stags coach Steven Tan the luxury to rest evergreen striker Aleksandar Duric and regular Ismadi Mukhtar on the bench to pencil down a much cohesive side of the two at start.

Home Utd's Zahid Ahmad (20) failed to deny Gligorov's strike
When Gligor Gligorov scoring Tampines' second goal at the hour mark, it's clear that Home United were left with nothing to reply.

With this season's league fixture switching to a two-round fixture, it was up to Home United coach Paul Lee to find that "filling to make the toasts tasty again" before it's too late.



  1. Home United defence not forgetting Isa'The Rock'Halim and Jumaat'FridayMale'Jantan both with LionsXII...

  2. According to the league official report..

    "Tampines had to leave captain Aleksandar Duric on the bench after he suffered an ankle injury during the team’s tour of Thailand a week earlier, and were also missing the mercurial Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin, who is yet to pass the mandatory fitness test known as the Beep Test, even if that did not apply for this glamour tie."

    Just for an update here


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